Source: TMZ

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, September 6th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…"

The Nexus is in the middle of the ring to start us off and Wade Barrett is ready to talk. He says tonight comes from the Nation's Capital, site of many rallies and memorable speeches. They talk about taking out The Undertaker and then they replay it. You know, not even slow motion can make Wade Barrett's finisher look impressive. Justin Gabriel's 450 looks great though. David Otunga says they are the new phenom and it was greatest night of their lives. Michael Tarver says that most would have been content to do what they did to Taker, but not them. Heath Slater lisps that he pinned the WWE Champion Sheamus. Jeez he sounds retarded. Justin Gabriel puts over how he took out Undertaker and John Cena in the same night with the 450. He's much more comfortable as a heel; a definite AJ Styles vibe. Every time he hits it on John, it just gets more satisfying. Cena CAN see him, crashing down on his lifeless body over and over again. Barrett says he devenomized the Viper Randy Orton. In two weeks time, he will beat Orton, Cena, Sheamus, Edge, and Chris Jericho at Night of Champions and win the championship.


Orton is out, but the pop is only moderate. Sick smile on his face. Orton says that the only thing he took from last week was taking out Barrett's men in thirty seconds. Wade won't replay that, but Orton will just do it again. He doesn't care who he has to go through to win the title, but he will make it his business to give Barrett an RKO. Barrett dares him to come down to the ring like a man and do it now.

The General Manager comes in and says that last week was a historic night for Nexus as a unit, but we'll see how they do individually. He announces Justin Gabriel vs. John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, and that makes Orton VERY happy. Nexus is also banned from ringside tonight. Orton's smile is great.

An Irish Guy talks about Sheamus putting his title on the line at Night of Champions in a Six-Pack Challenge. Nice touch.

Well, so far no Nickelback video package. That's one good thing!

We see Edge leaving his match last week. BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! The General Manager is ready to talk again. Jericho's reaction is great. The GM says that Jericho and Edge leaving was a slap in the face of the universe and the General Manager. As punishment, their title shots are on the line tonight. Jericho demands to know who the GM is.


Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison
Jericho jumps Morrison and slams him into the the buckle, but Morrison gets a pair of schoolboys for nearfalls. A running forearm gets two for Jericho, and he throws JoMo outside and demands to know who the GM is again, and we go to a commercial break. Already? Lame.

Chinlock by Jericho as we show him walking out last week. A replay shows Jericho blocking the Chuck Kick. Back suplex gets two for Jericho. Knee to the chest by Jericho, Morrison flips out of a second back suplex. Clotheslines, leaping heel kick and the STO backbreaker! Only 2 for Morrison and he goes for kicks, Walls of Jericho, countered, STIFF elbow by Jericho. Lionsault misses. Jericho on his feet, CHUCK KICK for 2! Jericho hits a press flapjack and sets for the Codebreaker but Morrison holds the ropes. Jericho ducks the knee to the face and gets a schoolboy for 2. Enzugiri gets 2 more for Jericho. He slams Morrison's face into the mat and tells him to stay down. Morrison avoids a corner charge and sets for Starship Pain, Jericho moves, Morrison lands and tweaks his ankle, Walls of Jericho! Morrison fights....and gets the bottom rope! There is an "Over 9,000!" sign in the crowd. Jericho sets for a superplex, but Morrison fights him off. Morrison flies in, STARSHIP PAIN! 1...2..3!
Winner: John Morrison
Rating: **3/4 (Good moves but a little slow for these guys. Great finish though, and a great win for John Morrison.)

Jericho looks very upset. I wonder where this is going. There is a decent amount of "Y2J" chants.

You know, I have to be honest, I'm actually looking forward to Legendary and we will get a preview of that tonight.

Divas Championship Match: Melina © vs. Alicia Fox
Fox says she will be the "undefined" champion of women. Wow. I....uh...crap. I got nothing. Even Cole and Lawler are ripping on her.

Grappling. Back body drop, elbow, splits kick by Melina. How contrived. Melina throws Alicia in and smartly dodges an elbow drop. She slaps Alicia and hits a crossbody for 2. Drop toehold into the ropes by Fox. Kick to the back, face smash into the ring. Matrix dodge of a clothesline, single leg dropkick, clothesline, and they botch the Tarantula. Sunset Split finishes it.
Winner: Melina
Rating: * (Wasn't terrible. Melina tries to hard to be innovative and doesn't care if her offense actually makes sense though.)

The Miz is hiding something that apparently has to do with "The Road to Awesome". Great, now we get to her Michael Cole gush like Jeff Small in a Great Khali match.

Edge and Zach Ryder have reunited. Ryder wants to face Edge. Edge says that's a great idea because it's an easy win. Edge gets wonderfully over the top by looking for the GM and accepts his request. He demands the GM make the match happen and threatens to break the computer. Please do so!

Ted DiBiase and Maryse over who sent and received a love letter. Maryse goes off in French and DiBiase leaves. Not a terrible segment actually.

Justin Gabriel is out for his match, which will be next. But you knew that.

Raw Roulette returns next week! AWESOME! I loved that gimmick!

John Cena vs. Justin Gabriel
If Gabriel wins my boycott is off. And for the smart-aleck who brought it up...I have a work ethic. They need someone to fill in, I fill in. Apply that principle in life and you'll go far.

Headlock by Gabriel, Cena uses Shawn Michaels old roll through escape. Cool. Armdrag by Gabriel, Cena counters to a triangle choke! HAHAHAHAHA! Suck on that Cena haters! Kick and elbows by Justin, and he stomps him in the corner and stands on his head. Cena gets into it, punches but he runs into an elbow. Justin throws him in and hits a hilo! Shades of Eddie Guerrero! Only 2 for Gabriel, kicks and a spin kick gets 2 more. Corner crossbody and then a springboard crossbody gets 2 more. Russian Legsweep into the Octopus Stretch. Gabriel is looking great tonight. Cena powers up but Gabriel escapes, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Only 2, but dang! Gabriel positions Cena for a moonsault from the top rope (from the middle of the rope), but Cena escapes. Shoulder tackles, Proto-Bomb. Five-Knuckle Shuffle connects. F-U attempt but Gabriel counters to an STO and hits a running kick. He sets up Cena for the 450 Splash...Cena stops him with punches, TOP ROPE F-U!
Winner: John Cena
Rating: ***1/4 (Great little match here. Gabriel looked like a star, and Cena had to bust out his biggest finisher to put him away. A pleasant surprise.)

Here's our preview for Legendary, and the more I see of it, the more I want to watch it. Actually, simply having Danny Glover in it makes it better than anything else they've put out. Hope it opens here in BFE, Kansas.

Promo for NXT. Watch if for AJ. She is a great wrestler.

The Miz refers to himself as Mike Mizanin and says he has no business being here. At least that's what they said. He was the lowest form of life...a reality TV show. He goes over being a Tough Enough guy and how everyone said he didn't belong here. But he did whatever he had to do to get a job, became the host of Smackdown! and people said he had no talent, nobody respected him, he doesn't belong. He says all of us would have left, but he stayed. He became a Tag Team Champion, and thought he made it. We said he was riding John Morrison's coattails, and that if they split, he would fade into obscurity. But he won the United States Title and Money in the Bank. The man who was ostracized is now the the biggest star in the company, and reveals his WWE Magazine Cover. Kind of anti-climactic. He says we probably wonder why it's a big deal. Because as a child, he bought ever issue and dreamed of being on the cover, and now it happened. He wants to hear us admit that we were wrong. He made it, he is the poster child, not Orton, not Cena, only him. We can't deny it, we can't hide from it, we have no choice but to admit we were wrong. He's The Miz, and he has EARNED the right to say HE IS AWESOME!

And you know, I'll admit it. He's a star. And this promo proved it.

Daniel Bryan comes out and Michael Cole continues to be a jackass. He says hi, my name is Daniel Bryan, and he came out to congratulate him. They have more in common than they think, nobody said he would make it. He has generic rock music he can't identify, he has a haircut he paid 10 dollar for, and he has to have wrestling tights and ID to keep getting thrown out. He knows if he faces Miz for the US Title he can beat him.

Daniel shows a cover of him making Miz tap out. He says that he's not out here to say he will beat him up or that he will rip him apart, but he can beat him, he can make him tap out, he can become the US Champion.

Miz says he doesn't like Bryan and he says he can annihilate him. Bryan says enough, yes or no? YES! Bryan thanks him and says he appreciates it. Miz says thank you and tries to jump him CROSSFACE! Alex Riley shows up and Bryan kicks him, throws Miz out and puts the Crossface on Riley. Bryan looks at the cover, touches it, and kicks it down.


WWE Classics on Demand gives a great look at Nitro's history that's much more flattering than I expected. Raw is having a pretty great night here. Edge is in action next.

The General Manager sends Cole a Blackberry e-mail and says that Cena will face the winner of Orton vs. Barrett. Great Khali is out and Edge looks to destroy the computer, and in a hilarious problem, we see all of the notes on the computer. WOW.

Edge vs. The Great Khali
Wow, Edge spends the first minute mocking Khali, grabs Runjan and Khali grabs Edge. Edge runs away, Khali gives chase and Edge kicks the knee and makes it back in the ring. Bizarre, but hilarious.

The General Manager does not accept his cheap count-out victory, and makes it an over the top challenge.

Match restarts, one punch by Edge, and Khali goes to town. Pretty funny spot as Khali steps over the rope and to the floor, and Cole rightly says he should be eliminated. Khali gets in and Edge goes for the Spear, GOOZLE, he tosses him to the floor, Khali tries to go over again and this time Edge pulls him out. That looked improvised. This was just plain freaking weird. Edge's celebration is pretty great though.
Winner: Edge
Rating: No Rating (Not even a real match. Just freaking bizarre.)

Undertaker vs. CM Punk on Friday. Nice main event. Time to hype night of champions.
--- World Championship: Undertaker vs. Kane
--- U.S. Championship: The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
--- WWE Championship: Sheamus vs. Edge vs. John Cena vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Chris Jericho is moping, and Josh Matthews says that Jericho has no chance at winning the World Championship at Night of Champions. He said he would leave, but what are his future plans. Jericho says nothing. Morrison comes in, says bad day, asks if he thinks he's still the best, but says things will get better. Jericho's expressions are fantastic.

Sheamus comes down to the ring and we get the two biggest re-res in the world giving the thumbs down. Sheamus is here for commentary on the main event, which could actually be quite good.

Edge and John Cena have also joined the Commentary Team. Interesting...

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
This match has an overdose of smugness. MUCH louder pop for Randy Orton this time. Kick to the face and punches by Orton. Corner whip and a clotheslien sends Barrett outside, Orton follows and slams him on the announce table. He grabs an arm and kicks the chest, puts Barrett in the ring and pummels him. Gut stomps aplenty and a knee drop. Barrett reverses to a Corner Whip, runs into an elbow, and Barrett hits a big boot. Monuted punches by Orton and Barrett chokes Orton. Kicks, a neckbreaker by Barrett. Wow a wrestling move. Barrett puts Orton in the chinlock. Orton should know every counter to that move. Back suplex. Backbreaker by Barrett gets 2. Jabs and a roundhouse by Wade. He goes for the Wasteland, Ortonbreaker and Randy ahs that look. Clotheslines by Orton, scoop powerslam, but Barrett avoids the rope-hung DDT and tosses Orton to the floor.

Darren Young is here. He asks if Barrett thinks he can get away with this, says he wasn't the weakest link, he is the missing link. RKO!
Winner: Randy Orton
Rating: ** (Completely average, definitely a let down after two really good matches earlier. The RKO's were great though.)

He has Darren come in, RKO! Sheamus comes in, Edge goes for a spear, misses, RKO! Brogue Kick misses, RKO TO SHEAMUS! Orton stands tall and they show replays.

Cena is in the ring and we have a staredown, the fans are chanting for an RKO. You can cut the tension with a knife, Gorilla. Cena vs. Orton next week.

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