-- On Bubba The Love Sponge's radio show today, a caller said he lived in Jim Neidhart's neighborhood and the Anvil would sometimes walk around with a 12-pack under his arms, knocking on random doors and yelling at people. The caller also claimed to have seen Neidhart riding a mountain bike in the car lane and swearing at people who honked at him for holding them up.

-- Also on the show, Hulk Hogan spoke about his back injury, saying it happened when he was picking up seashells on the beach about a week ago - while smashing two bottles of wine - and neglected to take enough breaks while bending over.

-- TMZ is reporting that Hulk Hogan suffered a muscle tear, which is what put him in hospital with excruciating back pain. Hogan blames it on not taking enough breaks while picking up seashells on the beach with his girlfriend Jennifer. The report says that doctors are doing more tests on Hogan's back, which will keep him in hospital for a while. Hogan says he will need to stay "another two days," which will mean he will miss all of the current round of TNA Impact tapings.

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