WWE.com has posted highlights of former ECW announcer Joey Styles' weekly NXT commentary on WWE.com. For those of you who missed it, here are some highlights:

"Too bad about Aloisia. I've been told she was very photogenic."

"AJ worked as a WRESTLER (dirty word) for 3 years to get to WWE. She's not just a model or fitness competitor we found. (ouch)"

"AJ wrapped the tie around the neck. She's fired!"

"WWE has a new movie coming out? Really? What's it called? Who's in it? I wish myself the best in my future endeavors."

"Regardless of what you thought of NXT, I think we can all agree on one thing. This chat was more entertaining than TNA. OH MY GOD! Goodnight."

Joey Styles also answered a question about his WWE status on his Twitter, writing, "I've received lots of e-mails asking what I'm going to do now that my WWE contract has expired. Huh?...http://twitterurl.net//onol."

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