Credit: James Caldwell and PW Torch

WWE wrestler John Cena appeared on yesterday's edition of the "Busted Open" Sirius/XM satellite radio show to promote "Legendary" and cover WWE subjects currently in the news, including Chris Jericho's future, possibly unifying titles, and Daniel Bryan's return.

On Chris Jericho's future, Cena said, "Chris Jericho is a guy who has kind of been in and out of our company at will. I think he's one of the most-skilled performers we have. The future for Chris Jericho is known by Chris Jericho. I think he'll always have a home in WWE."

"He's taken personal time before; he's taken leave of absence before," Cena said, before joking, "I think I'm responsible for getting Chris Jericho fired more than anyone else." He concluded: "But, it's always a pleasure to have him around, and who knows."

Regarding the rumor of WWE considering unifying certain titles, Cena said his view is that WWE would have to "integrate" the Raw and Smackdown brands - essentially ending the brand split - to make it work.

"There are certain people who watch Raw and certain people who watch Smackdown," he said. "You would really have to do a better job of integrating both programs if you unify the titles."

Cena said he believes the Raw and Smackdown women's divisions will benefit from unifying the Divas Title and Women's Title to get the Divas more exposure when TV time is limited. He said he believes it would hurt mid-card wrestlers to unify titles like the U.S. Title and Intercontinental Title.

"When it comes down to championships, there are so many great singles Superstars, to unify titles like that or to make championships singular or on a unified plane, I think you're doing a detriment to the Superstars," he said. "You might be holding them back."

Regarding Daniel Bryan's return at Summerslam, Cena spoke from a corporate position that Bryan was "released from WWE for a PG violation" and there were a "set of circumstances that needed to be dealt with." He said WWE stayed in touch with Bryan, worked out the situation, and he believes Bryan returned to WWE in a "great setting" to come back to.

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