-- Mick Foley has a blog up discussing Linda McMahon's senate race. Foley, who is admittedly a Democrat, takes offense at Democrats using professional wrestling against McMahon in the race. You can check out the full blog by clicking here.

-- Cary Silken has an interview where he talks about the evolution of Ring of Honor, this weekend's show and more. You can check it out by clicking here.

- Joey Ryan wrote on his Twitter that he had hurt his shoulder was hurt after Battle from LA and was told not to wrestle for 30 days by his doctor.

-- As noted earlier, Jim Ross has posted a new blog. Here are some more highlights:

On short matches: I also don't understand what a 1-3 minute bout accomplishes on TV.

On Michael Cole: Plus, for those that email me about Michael Cole and want me to throw Cole under a bus, I am deleting those emails too because I am not throwing him or any other announcer under the bus for simply trying to do their job as they are produced. Cole and I have totally different styles and we 'sound' totally different. He's being himself, as he should, and viewers/fans can either like him or not but he's not going to be piled on by me. My style was unique and I know that it wasn't for everyone either.

On new promotions: Start up wrestling organizations are likely to fail within a few months of starting based on what I see, feel, and the state of today's economy. The talent pool to start a new wrestling entity is lacking, sorely lacking. Plus if one doesn't have a viable TV clearance on basic cable one can forget about it, as well. Just my two cents. The two things a new company needs to make it is talent and television first and foremost. That's 'good' talent and 'good' TV.

You can check out the full blog by clicking here.

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