-- The UK Sun has an interview up with Tyler Black, where he discusses his decision to sign with WWE. You can read that interview by clicking here. Black is scheduled to lose the ROH title in New York City.

-- The Miami Herald has an interview up with Madusa, discussing Luna Vachon. You can check that out by clicking here.

-- WWE.com has an article up on "The LeBell Lock," with comments from Judo Gene himself and Daniel Bryan.

-- The only extra on the Summerslam DVD will be Josh Mathews interviewing Daniel Bryan following his return to WWE.

-- From Greg Davis and Pwinsider: The 2010 Hall of Fame induction ceremony is currently running on WWE Classics on Demand. There is a ten minute pre-show video of interviews and behind the scenes footage, hosted by Josh Matthews and Matt Striker, which is noted as being exclusive to the On Demand service. The two got comments from the inductors, the inductees, and various superstars and divas. We even saw footage of Ted DiBiase Sr. rehearsing his speech on the stage. This was not included on any video release as far as I know.

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