Thanks to Aaron Hubbard for sending this report along to us:

The ring announcer kills time by running down the card. Loud reaction for the KOW vs. WGTT announcement. Loud boos and "You Sold Out!" for Tyler Black. Oh, this is going to be fun.

Moment of silence for 9/11. Classy.

Video packages. Urgh...get to the wrestling!

Kenny King vs. Jay Briscoe
Good choice for the opener. Streamers for Jay. Bell goes off and lock-up, clean break and Go behind, full nelson, by Jay, takes him down into a headscissors, but King rolls through. They pander for a little bit, and start trading slaps, elbows by Jay, King rolls under a kick, leapfrog, chops by Jay. Corner clothesline and a snapmare, running single leg dropkick gets 2. A dropkick gets 2 more. He hits a fireman's carry slam and a double stomp, but Kenny gets a hot shot and a clothesline for 2. Mounted elbows by King and hits his own corner clothesline and snapmare for 2. Chinlock, elbows by Jay, clothesline gets 2 more. Scoop slam and a springboard legdrop gets 2. Corner whip, and King runs into an elbow, but hits an enzugiri to knock Jay back down, Jay goes for the double knees, Jay drops him on his HEAD! SHEESH! "You killed Kenny!" chants. Punches by Jay, King reverses a whip, forearm by Jay, Briscoe tries a back body drop but King lands on his feet, but a spinebuster gets 2. Jay looks to go for the DVD, catches a kick and hits a Manhattan Drop, blocks another kick, capoeira kick by King, reverse STO into the corner by Jay and a running kicks gets 2. Titus is out and King goes for a clotheslien, but Briscoe takes out Titus with a dive. Jay tries a sunset flip, King grabs the ropes and costs himself the 3 count. Jay goes for the Jay Driller, King catches a kick and hits a spinning enzugiri and the Royal Flush for 3!

All-Night Express put the boots to Jay and that brings out Mark, and he cleans house with wacky karate offense. Double shoulder tackle by the Briscoes on Rhett, and the next match starts.

Mark Briscoe vs. Rhett Titus
Mark gets a few free shots in and a big punch for 2. Mark hits a vertical suplex for 2. Headbutt by Mark, short-arm clothesline gets 2 more. Mark avoids an O'Connor Roll, but Titus hits the spinning knee. He avoids the ace crusher but gets hit with a wheel kick for 2, and Mark grabs a chinlock and starts throwing crossface forearms. Perfect dropkick by Rhett. Stomps and a springboard knee drop for 2. "Hepa-Titus" chants. Chop by Titus. Corner elbow and a clothesline for 2. Mark fights back, more strikes and Titus goes to the eye and rakes the back. Snapmare and a figure-four headscissors by Titus. Elbows by Mark breaks it up. This isn't very good. Corner whip by Mark, runs into a boot, Titus avoids the iconoclasm and blocks another move, then hits a cutthroat neckbreaker over the knee for 2. Punches by Titus and a choke. Titus avoids being suplexed to the floor, trade strikes and a boot by Titus. Mark knocks Rhett off the apron and hits a Whisper in the Wind to the floor. Back in, Mark gets two and pummels Titus. He sets up for the Shooting Star Press, but Titus blocks him, they fight up top, but Titus slips on the Super Sex Factor and Mark transitions to a beautiful top rope ace crusher. More strike exchanges. Mark wins that but Titus hits a running elbow, but runs into the T-Bone Suplex. Rhett avoids the Cutthroat Driver and gets an O'Connor Roll for 2. They start trading various roll-ups for nearfalls, Kenny grabs Mark but Jay pulls him off the apron. Rhett runs into a superkick, CUTTHROAT DRIVER! Mark wins. Lansdell is happy.

Ballz Mahoney & Grizzly Redwood vs. Necro Butcher & Erick Stevens
I bet I can sum up this whole match with this: brawling. Balls drinks a beer and smashes it over Steven's head. Didn't take long. MORE BEER! No money though. Grizzly slammed Necro on the floor but they didn't catch it. Ballz whips Grizzly into Stevens and sets him up for a rana on Erick, clothesline by Ballz, assisted legdrop for 2. Grizzly flies into Erick's arms, and he throws Grizzly into the KO punch by Butcher gets 2. Nana gets in a free slam on Grizzly and throws him back in. Necro hits a chokeslam, two, and finishes it off with a lariat for 2 as Ballz makes the save. Stevens does something and drops an elbow on Grizzly for 2. Waistlock by Stevens, Grizzly fights out with elbows. Okay. Grizzly counters the stall suplex into a rear naked choke, or a triangle choke according to Kevin Kelly. Hurricane Rana on Stevens, Balls is in, BALLS! BALLS! BALLS! BALLS! BALLS! Crowd is way into this. Necro, Stevens and Ernesto take punches. Fisherman back suplex by Balls, Rydeen Bomb gets 2 on Erick. Sterero punches, stereo biting. Butcher hits a big foot but Balls gets back into it, and throws Grizzly into Stevens on the outside. Scoop slam and a splash on Butcher, but Nana keeps the ref from making the count, Erick saves Nana from a slam and hits a Lightening Spiral, except slow and unimpressive, on Balls to win the match.

Grizzly helps Ballz to his feet and he gets a nice ovation. ECW chant, but Balls turns it into an ROH chant. Very nice.

Double Chain Match: Colt Cabana & El Generico vs. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino
Steen and Corino try to escape but the faces bring the m back in for stereo flip-flop and fly elbows. They pull them into the ring and hit dueling backslides. Ringside brawling, Steen gets sent into the rails a few times. Back in, Generico hits a pair of clotheslines, and then starts repeatedly slamming Steen into the chain in the turnbuckle. Steen backs off but Generico shows no mercy. This is a little hard to follow. Steen whips Cabana into the corner, Steen is bleeding, and Generico goes to town on him. He looks at the blood on his hands in a great visual. Chain-covered mounted punches on Corino by Cabana. Steen is just getting maimed here. Corino is bloody as well. More punches by the facesand they send the heels into each other. Generico ties up Steen for Cabana to his the flying Asshole, but Corino finally gets a shot in. The heels take over, and Colt is bleeding. Steen is choking and hanging Generico and kicks him in the back. That's quite sickening. Steen pulls Generico into a clothesline , wraps the chain around his knee and drives it into Generico. Something that we didn't see. Corino gets a chair and chokes Cabana with the chain. Generico avoids the pumphandle neckbreaker, but runs into a superkick, chain assisted sharpshooter but Cabana saves Generico. Corino hits a lariat on Cabana and sets him up top, Mrs. Wrestling look to go for a double suplex but Generico pulls steen off and hits an exploder into the buckles. Colt hits Corino as well. Cactus clothesline from Generico, Colt sets Corino in the tree of woe so that Generico can hit the front flip Van Terminator, but Steen blocks it. FRONT FLIP DIVE ONTO STEEN! DROPKICK INTO THE CHAIR BY CABANA ON CORINO! The table is out. Generico wants a brainbuster through the table, Steen tries to put Generico through it, Steen fights him off and goes up top, but Steen pulls Cabana down and through the able. Sick smile on Steen's face. Cabana and Corino trade punches, Colt wins, and Generico keeps Steen from saving Corino. Steen calls for Colby Corino down and he cuts the chain off. Pumphandle neckbreaker to the knee on Cabana. Both chains have been detached. "Kill the kid!" chants. Nice. Colt now has chains on both arms and Mrs. Wrestling tie him up to turnbuckles, and of course my stream dies. Go figure.

I apologize for the lack of coverage at this point; will fill in when I can.

I come back to...

Half-nelson suplex on the chair by Generico! Generico SabuS the chair into Steen and takes him out with a dive. Colt powerbombs Corino into the steel chair, Billy Goat's Curse and Corino taps out!

Steen knocks out Colt, but YAKUZA KICK BY GENERICO! He tries the top rope Brainbuster, but Corino save it, YAKUZA KICK! Steen rips the mask off!

Steen puts the mask on a chair and uses Corino's blood to imitate the picture on his shirt. That's just disturbing.

Half-time gives us an interview with Davey Richards. Too much stuff to recap here, but here's the sum up. Wrestling is his life, he wants to be the best, and he's not going anywhere until he is a World Champion. So more Davey! YAY!

Jim Cornette is out and says he doesn't want to take up too much time and relays the Davey Richards announcement to not retire for the live audience. Crowd goes nuts for Davey staying. At Final Battle, Davey Richards vs. The World Champion, so we have that to look forward to.

Prince Nana comes out and talks about Mahogony Balls, but quickly gets silenced.

ROH Televison Championship: Eddie Edwards (C) vs. Shawn Daivari
Lock-up, and a clean break in the corner. Go behind by Edwards, arm wringer by Daivari, counters and more chain wrestling. Daivari slams Eddie into the turnbuckle but gets hit with a kick. Chops by Eddie, kick to the gut, chops by Daivari now. Eddie ducks under Shawn, yakuza kick blocked, enzugiri, backdrop suplex to facebuster. Daivari sends Eddie shoulder into the post and starts working him over outside and gets 2 inside before applying an armbar. Daivari slams Eddie, goes up top but Eddie dropkicks him from the mat. Eddie hits a big superplex and we get a forearm exchange. Clotheslines, Eddie ducks a charging Daivari and hits an elbow suicida. Back inside he hits a missile dropkick. Running forearm by Eddie, knee to the gut by Daivair, running knee by Eddie gets 2 and I've lost my feed AGAIN! Urgh this is pissing me off.

I come back to a shining wizard of sorts by Edwards for 2. vari runs into a superkick but hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Dragon screw by Eddie into the Achilles Lock, but Nana distracts him. Daivari survives a schoolboy but taps out the Achilles Lock and Eddie retains.

Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels
Now this could be the show-saver. Kevin Kelly is really annoying me.

Aries has a mic. He says we should call Daniels CD, because he's kind of obsolete. Sometimes athletes like them get brushed aside, but they can prove that they are still the best. So he wants to steal the show.

Aries gets an early roll-up for 2. Headlock, takedown and float-over by Aries, and he heads outside to buy some time. Back to the headlock, shoulder block, armdrags by AriesDaniels gets up and whips Aries to the corner, Aries evades and hits a springboard elbow and goes back to the headlock. Headscissors and Daniels avoids the counter, wrestling exchanges leads to a stalemate and Aries wants a handshake. Daniels smashes Aries off the top rope and hits a slingshot splash for 2. headlock by Daniels, shoulder block by Daniels, he cartwheels over Aries, slams him and hits an Arabian Press for 2. He puts Aries in the corner and hits a few forearms, but Aries tosses him to the apron. Aries goes to the eyes, and he hits the neckbreaker through the ropes and Daniels falls to the floor. Aries heads up top and hits a flying elbow to the back on the outside. Flat-palm chops by Aries. He sets Daniels on the apron and hits an elbow. Back inside Aries hits a back elbow for 2. Chinlock by Aries, elbows by Daniels, STO and an elbow drop by Aries. The fans get into a "f--k TNA!" chant so Aries kills time with a nervehold. Aries avoids the Angel's Wings by driving him into the buckles. Aries continues to stay in control, but runs into an elbow, and Daniels hits a sick neckbreaker. Punches by Daniels and the Blue Thunder Bomb gets 2. Aries hits a knee to the ribs, Daniels throws him outside but Aries skins the kitten and Daniels tosses him back outside. Aries avoids the Arabian Press outside, HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! Aries heads up top and hits a dropkick and goes for the IED but runs into a boot. Daniels grabs a cravat and smashes him into the middle buckle for 2. Aries avoids the uranage but Daniels hits the STO and applies the Koji Clutch but Aries gets the ropes. Aries counters the uranage to the Crucifix Driver! BRAINBUSTER! 1...2...NO! Aries heads up top and goes for the 450! It connects, but Daniels survives! What? Aries isn't happy. He puts Daniels up top, but Daniels fights him off, and Aries hits a low blow of sorts. He goes back up top...and Daniels crotches him on the top rope, SUPER ANGEL'S WINGS! 1...2...3!

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli
Kings of Wrestling actually get rapped to the ring. Nice. Streamers for Haas and Benjamin. Dueling chants for both teams. These guys are about equal in size, and it gets into a shoving match, and Claudio and Shelton start out. Lock-up and a break. Shelton slaps Claudio, Eurpeoan Upepercut, but Shelton blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Hero tags in. They wrestle around for a bit and trade pinfalls, and Shelton tags out to Haas. Charlie starts throwing chops, but Hero applies a facelock. Claudio tags out and we get more amateur wrestling, Haas counters a hip block takeover countered to a fireman's carry. Armdrags, Shelton tags in, they fight over an arm wringer. Shelton busts out Owen Hart's springboard escape and hits an armdrag. Claudio does a monkey flip, but Shelton lands on his feet and hits one of his own. Hero tags in and applies a headlock, Claudio gets a blind tag and a flurry of boots put the Kings in control. They try the KRS-1, but the WGTT avoid it, try to counter into the old leapfrog move, but the Kings go outside. Crowd loves this. Shelton holds the ropes open for Hero; Chris comes in and tags out. Shelton drives Claudio to the corner, and Charlie tags in and trades European Uppercuts with Claudio, Claudio wins and whips him to the buckles for 2. Hero is in and hits a senton on Charlie for 2, and then a flash kick. Hero smashes Charlie into Claudio's boot and the Kings make a wish. Claudio hits another European, tags out and holds Charlie for another flash kick, but Haas kicks out at 2. Chinlock by Hero, Haas escapes but gets drilled with a clothesline. Claudio drives his knee into Charlie's back and applies a hold, Haas runs into a boot but finally hits a T-Bone Suplex. Haas gets the tag to Benjamin, but Hero bridges low and Shelton goes outside. Cravat by Hero, Shelton fights back but Hero drives him into the rail. Claudio sits on Shelton and hits the stalling gutwrench suplex. That's just nuts. It only gets 2 though. European Uppercut by Claudio, punches by Shelton, Claudio runs into an elbow but hits a huge powerslam for 2. Hero tags in, and the Kings drive Shelton into the corner. Hero tries a cheap shot on Haas but does hit another flash kick on Shelton. Cravat applied again and Hero adds some knees into Shelton's head but still only gets 2. Claudio tags in and hits a boot to the gut, more boots to the ribs, tags out, boots by Hero. Claudio chokes Shelton with his boot and Hero applies the cravat and hits a knee to the face again. Punches by Shelton breaks the cravat, punches and elbows by both men, a kick to the face sets up a double suplex, but Shelton counters to a double neckbreaker. Shelton wants a tag but Claudio holds Shelton's leg, and Shelton kicks him off, HOT tag to Haas, TILT-A-WHIRL on Claudio, dropkcik on Hero, back body drop, yakuza kick, belly to belly on Claudio for 2. ROLLING GERMANS! Catapult into the Samoan Drop! Hero sends Haas outside, jawbreaker by Shelton on Hero, punches on Shelton, he leaps over both of them, Claudio lifts Shelton, ELBOW BY HERO! Only 2! Hero tags in, Suplex sets up an elbow but Hero only gets 2. Hero hits a corner flying elbow, DRAGON WHIP KICK BY SHELTON! Hero is position, leapfrog body press to Hero! Haas gets 2. HAAS OF PAIN, NO! Claudio comes in but gets backdropped, ROLLING ELBOW to Haas! Claudio is back in, goes up top, Haas heads up top as well, Hero grabs him, sets up for a Doomsday Device, Claudio knocks Charlie down, Shelton LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE, SUPERPLEX! "ROH!" Chants. HAAS OF PAIN ON CLAUDIO! Hero has the Elbow Pad and drives his elbow into Charlie, and that allows Claudio to get a cheap win.

Charlie saves Shelton from a running elbow, DOUBLE GERMANS for the Kings! Please come back chants start. Hagadorn is still in the ring though. The WGTT play with him a bit, Shelton knocks him out, they depants Hagadorn and do a variation of the Wassup Headbutt.

My streams gone haywire again. From the sounds of it, I'm not the only one. I'm sorry guys.

No DQ ROH World Championship Match: Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong
Fans hate Tyler and love Roddy. I know. I'm shocked. Totally shocked. Lots of heckling for Black. Tyler does extend the hand but Strong is having none of it. Black goes right to an arm wringer, drives Strong to the corner, Black misses a dropkick, sunset flip by Roddy gets 2. A leg lariat sends Black to the floor and starts hitting those brutal chops on Tyler, but he sends Roddy to the barricade and drops him across the apron and absorbs the boos. Black throws Roddy in and starts pummeling him, and hits a scoop slam. Black stalls on the face stomp and almost gets rolled up, chops, dropkick by Black. Tyler applies a chinlock and goes for a suplex, Roddy counters to the gourdbuster. Black rolls up Strong and hits a backdrop suplex for 2. They trade strikes some more and Tyler goes to the eyes. A foot choke sets up some stomps and Black hits a snapmare and a kick to the back for 2. Black hits his stomp for 2. "FC-DUB" chants. Tyler runs into a kick and an enzugiri, Strong hits a knee for 2. Roddy hits a clothesline and more chops, running corner elbow, discus clothesline, falcon arrow gets 2. Black avoids the uranage backbreaker but Roddy hits Matt Hardy's Ricochet for 2. He goes for the Gibson Driver but Black avoids it, tries the Paroxysm and gets hit with an elbow...Black hits the Press Gutbuster! "You can't see Tyler!" STF-U! GLORIOUS! SPECTACULAR! And other adjectives! Strong kicks out of it, Black gets thrown to the apron, he hits the enzugiri but misses the flying clothesline, but he hits another kick on Roddy and puts Strong up top. SUPERPLEX! BUT RODDY FLIPS BLACK INTO A BACKBREAKER! THAT WAS PERFECT! Press Gutbuster! SICK KICK HITS THE REF! Superkick to Roddy; Funk throws out Sinclair and now he is the ref, and Tyler has the Book of Truth, nails Strong, GOD'S LAST GIFT! 1...2...NO! Black sets Strong up top, but Roddy fights him off, nope, enzugiri, LOW BLACK! NO! BOSTON CRAB! Tyler counters, only 2. SUPERKICK BY STRONG! ONLY 2! House of Truth is out but Funk decks both of the kids. Truth Martini is in, but Funk corners him and whips him to the floor. Roddy hits an enzugiri on Strong, SUPERKICK! Buckle Bomb! Roddy charges, ANOTHER BUCKLE BOMB! Superkick, spit to the face by Strong, 450 avoided, Press Backbreaker, SICK KICK! 1.....2.....3! YES, FINA-f--kING-LY!

Roderick Strong is your NEW Ring of Honor World Champion!

Thank you Tyler chants as Strong offers Black his head, double middle fingers by Black! He leaves and great fashion.

Lights off....HOMICIDE!!!!!!! He faces off with the new Champion and we fade to black.

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