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Here are some notes from last night's Ring of Honor Glory by Honor IX event. I attended this event and came back home knowing I saw some really good and special stuff:

* Roderick Strong defeated Tyler Black to become the new ROH World Champion. This was Black's final night with ROH as he will now go full-time in WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory. The main event was good but a little bit on the short side. Strong tried to shake Black's hand and give him the happy ending farewell but Black gave him the finger, gave the crowd the finger and stormed off. That was awesome stuff.

* Homicide, who was recently cut by TNA, made his return to Ring of Honor last night confronting the new champion Roderick Strong to end the live iPPV event on

* Speaking of the live iPPV event, there were a series of glitches throughout the night including the stream dying and coming back. ROH production guru David Lagana added on Twitter, "IPPV over. It took bubble gum and a clothespin but everything came off great. Call us a group of independent misfits but we pulled if off. Last night was a roller coaster ride like I have never had in my career." Apparently there were internet problems in the building.... or so they claim.

* It was formally announced in both a video package and by Jim Cornette live in the Manhattan Center that Davey Richards would not be retiring and will be signing a new deal with Ring of Honor at the beginning of 2011. Richards had stated in the wrestling media earlier this year that he planned to completely retire from pro wrestling at the end of 2010. He is currently on a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling and was unable to appear at last night's event.

* If you missed it last night, we have two reports from ROH's Glory by Honor IX event on the website.

* Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette called the main event. Dave Prazak wasn't there as he had SHIMMER events over the weekend. He owns that company for those who don't know.

* ROH had to turn numerous people away at the event, even those who had already purchased tickets. There were 1,500 plus fans in the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom. I'd get there early next time if you want to get in the door and buy your tickets early!! They really need to think about running downstairs in the Hammerstein Ballroom although I know it's much more expensive. It'd also save me from walking up seven flights of stairs each time. To Manhattan Center management, HOW ABOUT TURNING ON THE ELEVATORS?!?!

* The New York crowd was hot all night. I'd compare the atmosphere to that of an old ECW event. There were lewd chants all night long and deafening crowd cheers.

* Grizzly Redwood is said to have been OK after taking an insane bump, being pressed over Stevens' head and tossed to the floor below.

* ROH returns to the Manhattan Center on 12/18 for the Final Battle i-PPV. We'll be there live covering it.

* Jim Cornette, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and Terry Funk were all sitting at tables as soon as you walked into the arena. They were very talkative and signed autographs for a small fee. ROH head of security Zach Yeager was in charge of that. We were able to meet and put all past issues behind us.

* The Kings of Wrestling vs. Worlds Greatest Tag-Team is must-see stuff. That match was off the charts good and you should go out of your way to see it.

* Haas and Benjamin came out to AC/DC's "TNT", which was the Haas Brothers' old theme song when they worked independents in the Northeast.

* Shelton Benjamin went on his twitter after the 'dream match' and tweeted: "That was the most fun I've had in ten years."

* The fans were all over Black, chanting "Future Jobber", "NXT" and "You sold out" since he had been mocking the company and saying he was signing with WWE on TV.

* When Homicide came out the place f--king exploded. That pop was ridiculously loud. The crowd chanted his name and "F*** TNA."

* Homicide didn't arrive to the building until very late so they could keep his return a surprise.

* Monster Mack, Dixie, The Great Dyami and The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz were all backstage visiting at the show.

* There we no major injuries coming from the show.

* This was the first PPV run by new booker Hunter 'Delirious' Johnston

Ryan Clark's Final Thoughts: Overall it was a very good show. Lots of great wrestling, a new world champion, and a big return. As I noted above, the crowd was insane all night long. The 9/11 tribute was nice except for the idiot who yelled out 'f--k You' during the moment of silence. KOW vs. WGTT is must-see stuff. Awesome match. Main event was a little short. We'll be back on 12/18 for Final Battle. If you've never attended an ROH event, give it a shot. Just an unreal crowd atmosphere and excellent wrestling. The only s--tty part of the trip was the train ride home as we were delayed out of Penn Station in New York and didn't get back to Albany until 4:40AM this morning. I'll run down each match individually this Tuesday night on WZR Radio!

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