Though Matt Hardy claimed in a video blog entry late last night that he was still in the U.K. in spite of online reports of him being sent home following an apparent backstage incident the day before, he did not work the final event of the European tour, which took place in Skegness, England. He did not offer a response to that portion of the report. Additionally, in his video he blamed "a stooging punk" for the story hitting the net. We have confirmed that Hardy was told to leave the event in Skegness. He was basically 'sent home' or back to his hotel would have been a better choice of words on our part.

As noted yesterday here on the website, Hardy's issues follow an incident at last week's live event in White Plains, New York where he was scheduled to team with R-Truth against Luke Gallows and CM Punk. Company sources indicate there was concern over his condition that day too. It's said that Hardy left the building after officials spoke to him and never returned for his match.

In regard to his health, Hardy claims he has never felt better. He claimed to have dropped over twenty pounds since changing his diet to eliminate red meat. Apparently, he managed to drop seven additional pounds during the international tour as he wrote on Twitter Thursday night that he was planning a YouTube entry concerning his recent health breakthroughs as he had dropped thirteen pounds at the time.

"Definitely gonna do a YT entry soon about my recent health breakthroughs concerning my digestive process," Hardy wrote. "In 3 weeks, I've dropped 13 lbs."

We'll keep you posted as we get more.

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