Source: PWInsider

-- The urban dictionary definition for the term 'Crunk' states the following: Dirty South rappers, who had been using it for years as a euphemism for getting really crazy and f--ked up on marijuana and alcohol (stoned and drunk. Chronic plus Drunk = Crunk). Or maybe crack and drunk. Or coke and drunk. Or maybe just being crazy and drunk. As seen on RAW, R-Truth used the term during his entrance saying it's a great time to get Crunk (marijuana and alcohol). WWE PG at its finest folks!

-- Sources are saying that Amazing Kong injured her back a few weeks ago. She didn't want to break her commitments to promotions like EVOLVE & SHIMMER, so she's been working through the pain so the fans wouldn't be disappointed.

-- Here is the trailer for Knucklehead. Knucklehead follows a na´ve giant and church orphan-turned-amateur fighter Walter Krunk (Big Show); former mixed martial arts champion-turned-manager Eddie Sullivan (Mark Feuerstein) and church aide-turned-chaperone, Mary O'Connor (Melora Hardin), fighting their way across the south to the annual Pro-Am mixed martial arts tournament in New Orleans.

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