Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

After some issues that happened over the weekend, WWE has banned the drug Carisprodol (better known as somas) as part of a new amendment to the Wellness Policy. WWE Superstars can no longer use somas even if they have a prescription from a doctor. There have been a few changes made to the drug policy that have not been added to WWE's website yet.

Somas have been a major party drug in pro wrestling for decades. They're mainly used to relax muscles, but have resulted in several embarrassing incidents with wrestlers passing out in public after taking too many. Wrestler Louie Spicolli died in 1998 after overdosing on somas & wine.

This is likely the most significant change to the Wellness policy since its inception, as it will have the biggest effect on a segment of the WWE roster. It's said to be a VERY popular drug with WWE talents.

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