Credit: Bill John/Pwinsider

*SmackDown opened with The Peep Show. Christian barely started speaking before he was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. Christian challenged Del Rio to a match a Night of Champions. Del Rio declined, even after a slap from Christian.

*Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre best The Hart Dynasty when Cody Rhodes pinned David Hart Smith.

Scheduled for tonight:
Kane answers The Undertaker
CM Punk vs. Christian.

Kofi Kingston beat Jack Swagger in a very fun match with Trouble In Paradise.

Teddy Long asked a nun to help teach Hornswoggle to speak. Normal Hornswoggle stuff. Weak.

Laycool beat Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes.

CM Punk beat Christian in another really fun match. Alberto Del Rio, who was at ringside for commentary, interrupted the match, which caused Christian to be distracted and CM Punk hit the GTS for the win. Alberto Del Rio said his answer for a match at Night of Champions was still no. Big Show came out and knocked out CM Punk.

Kane came out and cut a really good promo on how he was going to win at Night of Champions. Undertaker came out but Kane got the best of him with a chokeslam and tombstone piledriver.

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