Matt Hardy has continued to drop more cryptic hints on his official Twitter page all but seeming to confirm his days with WWE are limited and could be making a jump to TNA Wrestling shortly. Of course, this is not confirmed by any means as he's still under contract with WWE as of this writing.

As noted earlier here on the website, when asked if people should buy tickets to see the WWE tour of Europe in November to see him or buy tickets for TNA's January show in Berlin, Hardy added, "I'd go with Berlin." We also noted earlier that when asked about his losing streak on WWE TV, Hardy added, "Plan on changing that. It's time for me to go somewhere thatl I'll be given a fair chance--that's all I want." Hardy also sent a tweet to Bubba the Love Sponge expressing interest in going on his radio show soon to tell his side of the story.

Here are some more recent tweets from tonight:

Today's been a fun day-made a trip outta town & met with some peeps about some cool outside of wrestling projects-I like being my own boss."

HaHa! So what exactly are ya sayin? :) RT @Theboyhooddream: @MATTHARDYBRAND TNA TNA TNA TNA TNA TNA TNA!!!!

4 those keepin count, only me*cough* I've dropped from my heaviest weight of 250-weighed in at 221 2day. Can Subway Jared get me a deal? LOL

New body, new haircut, I'm looking to have all kinds of new stuff.. Maybe I'll even get my nose that's been broken 4 times fixed, who knows?

As he "dirt-sheets" say, I'm my own best promoter.. So who knows where I'll end up in the future-I gotta give em something to write about :)

BTW, a fan today called me "The Pioneer of Pro Wrestling Social-Networking"-I like that-it fits & is a flattering compliment. Print that DS!

Before Hogan, Austin, Cena, even HBK, who has a twitter, FB, & a YT channel, starting personally interacting with fans via the net.. I was!

And it's because I've always gone the extra mile for my fans, & always will, cuz I truly love, respect, & appreciate u all. Thank u so much.

Wow, my Twitter's goin crazy, just had over 1000 mentions! At the gym doin an hour of cardio, tryin 2 get in ROH shape. Got a ? for u guys.

I LOVE reading people's feedback-positive or negative. For the DS "writers" who've eaten the tweets out of my hands & relayed them, thank u.

It's Friday night & time to clock out, so a good night to all, & to all a good night! Be well Earth :)

WWE is not happy with a lot of the messages he has been sending out publicly via his official Twitter page. We all know how Hardy has twisted this story more than once and basically got 'caught' when WWE confirmed that he had been 'sent home' from two WWE live events in recent weeks. Hardy had tried to cover it up by posting a video showing that he was still in the U.K at his hotel, obviously playing off the 'sent home' title that we posted last week. Nonetheless, WWE is not happy with Hardy right now and that's a simple fact.

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