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The Night Of Champions opening video aired, focusing primarily on the Kane - Undertaker World Heavyweight title match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
If Ziggler is counted out or disqualified, he loses the title.
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Vickie Guerrero comes out to introduce Dolph Ziggler, who is accompanied by Kaitlyn. Kofi comes out next.

The two start the match countering each other's moves. Kofi gains control of the match by nailing Ziggler with a clothesline, sending Ziggler to the outside of the ring. Kaitlyn went to check on Ziggler and was sent to the back by Vickie.

Back in the ring Kofi stayed in control until he missed a charge in the corner. Ziggler capitalized and worked Kofi's neck, nailing Kofi with a neckbreaker and followed up with a chinlock. Ziggler stayed in control for the next several minutes, continuing to work on Kofi's neck and hitting the "famouser." A "Let's Go Kofi" chant broke out, but to no avail as Ziggler stayed in control.

Kofi was finally able to power out of a chinlock and started punching away at Ziggler. Ziggler charged at Kofi in the corner but Kofi moved and proceeded to hit a flying crossbody from the top rope for a two count. Kofi missed a drop kick but managed to hit a "Lou Thesz press" and the boom drop. Kofi went for TIP, but Ziggler was able to wiggle out and went for a sleeper hold, but Kofi got out. Kofi then his his new move that he just started using, but got a two count as Ziggler got his foot on the ropes.

Ziggler went to the outside of the ring, and Kofi followed and beat on Ziggler on the outside before bringing him back into the ring for a two count. Kofi went for the mile high again, but Ziggler was able to lock in a sleeper hold. Ziggler held it for awhile before Kofi was able to power out and lock Ziggler in a sleeper of his own. Ziggler was able to get out and Vickie went to slap Kofi, but Ziggler stopped her so he wouldn't get DQ'd. Kofi went for TIP again and missed, Ziggler hit the Zig Zag and got the three count.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

After the match Vickie looked upset with Ziggler for not letting her slap Kofi during the match. Ziggler raised Vickie's hand and everything's all fine again.

Edge was interviewed backstage and said that he would be leaving the building as WWE Champion.

Big Show vs. CM Punk

Punk came out to a massive response from his hometown crowd. Punk took the mic and said that he loved Chicago (wait for it...). He talked about all the things he loved about Chicago, but then said the thing he hated was the inhabitants of Chicago. He blamed the people for ruining his city, everyone from the police to the politicians to the White Sox. Punk said that they made him sick and said that the city should be burned to the ground and that he would build a new straight Edge utopia. Punk turned his attention to Big Show and said that he was David to Show's Goliath, and his slingshot was the power of the "almighty straight edge." Great stuff as always from Punk. Show's music hits and he's headed to the ring.

Punk started off with kicks to Show's legs, but was chopped down by Show. Show stayed in control of the match to the dismay of the crowd, working over Punk with punches and chops. Show knocked Punk out of the ring and followed him out. Punk went in the ring and when Show tried to get back in, he was met with a kick from Punk. Punk worked Show over on the outside and then went in the ring and landed a flying splash to the outside on Show.

Show got back to his feet and entered the ring before the referee could make a ten count. Punk continued his assault and attempted several covers, but got less than a one count each time. Punk stayed aggressive and went for a clothesline off the ropes, but was met with a tackle from Show. Show then nailed Punk with the knockout punch and got the three count. Short decent match.

The Big Show defeated CM Punk by pinfall.

Show sold his ribs as he left the ring while Punk stayed laid out in the middle of the ring.

Backstage promo with Chris Jericho who touted his success in these types of matches. Jericho then guaranteed that he was going to walk out of the match as WWE Champion because he is the best in the world at what he does.

The National Guard serviceman were shown at ringside. Michael Cole mentioned how Jericho said that he would leave WWE if he didn't win the title, and Matt Striker noted that Jericho retracted that comment.

WWE United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

The Miz came to the ring first, accompanied by Alex Riley. Bryan was in next.

Bryan attempted to lock in the LeBell lock a couple of times early on, but Miz was able to scramble away. Miz was finally able to gain the advantage and worked over Bryan's left arm.

Miz stayed aggressive on Bryan's arms and shoulders, working them over the armlocks and a crossbow. Riley managed to get in some shots on Bryan's arms on the ropes when the referee wasn't looking. Bryan was finally able to turn the tide and managed to throw Miz outside of the ring and then nailed Miz with a suicide plancha outside the ring.

Bryan threw Miz back in the ring and nailed Miz with a dropkick from the top rope and got a two count. Bryan stayed off offense and managed to get a couple of two counts. Bryan nailed Miz with a dropkick in the corner and kicked Miz in the head for yet another two count. Bryan got Miz on the ropes, but Miz pushed Bryan off and he landed crotch first on the top rope. Miz followed up with a massive clothesline from the top rope but was only able to get a two count.

Miz went back to working on Bryan's arm. Miz went for the skull crushing finale but Bryan rolled him up for a two count. Bryan then went for a submission but Riley jumped on the apron. Miz charged at Bryan but nailed Riley and Bryan rolled him up for a two count.

Shortly after Miz snapped and just started punching away at Bryan. The referee warned Miz and Bryan locked in the LeBell lock. Bryan held it in for several moments before Miz was forced to tap. Good match that really picked up at the end.

Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz to become the NEW WWE United States Champion.

After the match, Bryan celebrated and Miz cried on the outside of the ring.

A promo for 'WWE Hell In A Cell' aired.

John Cena cut a promo talking about chances. Cena was booed heavily by the Chicago crowd. Cena said that he didn't know who was going to win, but you can never count him out.

WWE Divas & Women's Championship Unification - Lumberjills Match
WWE Divas Champion Melina vs. WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool

The lumberjills were introduced, with Layla being on the lumberjills. I smell swerve with Layla costing Melina the match. McCool hit the ring first and they kept showing Layla scowling. Melina came out next to a big pop.

McCool tried to sneak a cheap shot during Melina's entrance, but Melina was able to counter. Melina and McCool went to he outside immediately and McCool popped Eve and ran back in the ring.

Melina took control of the match early until McCool was able to throw Melina outside of the ring. None of the lumberjills helped Melina back in the ring (she was in the heel section), and McCool hit a blockbuster on Melina when she entered the ring. McCool maintained the advantage and went for a facebreaker, but Melina countered. McCool got in a scuffle with Natalya on the apron and Melina rolled McCool up, but the referee was out of position and counted two.

Melina stayed in control and did the Matrix duck, but McCool drove Melina into the mat. McCool then took Melina to the top rope but they botched the spot and fell to the outside. Melina went back in the ring as all the lumberjills attacked McCool. Layla got in the ring and went to attack Melina, but Melina threw her out of the ring. McCool got in the ring and kicked Melina in the head and got the pin. Just an ugly, ugly match.

Michelle McCool pinned Melina to become the Unified WWE Women's Champion.

After the match Layla and McCool celebrated as the lumberjills attended to Melina.

Wade Barrett cut a promo saying the other competitors represented the status quo and that he would leave with the title.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship - No Holds Barred
Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker entered the ring first, followed by Kane. Before Kane could get far, The Undertaker ran up the ramp and started attacking Kane. They started fighting at the top of the stage with Undertaker wailing away on Kane. Undertaker then threw Kane into the pillars used for the set.

Both wrestlers continued to brawl at the top of the stage and then fought their way back to the ring, where Kane was able to throw Taker into the ringside steps. Kane followed up by ramming The Undertaker's head on the steps and then stomping on Taker's head. Kane continued to beat on the Undertaker at ringside, throwing him into the post and nailing him with the championship belt. Kane threw Taker back in the ring and nailed him with a clothesline and followed up with a legdrop.

Kane continued to beat down the Undertaker, but was unable to get the three count. Kane brought Undertaker out of the ring and continued to beat down The Dead Man at ringside. Kane hit Undertaker in the head with the top of the announce table. Kane went to throw Taker into the steel steps but Taker was able to reverse and throw Kane in the steps. Undertaker started nailing Kane with punches and a legdrop on Kane's throat. Taker leaped over the barricade and took Kane to the ground. Regardless of what Taker did, Kane was able to get quickly back to his feet.

Kane blindsided Taker with a steel chair to the ribs. The match spilled out into the crowd. They brawled in the stands, and Kane nailed Taker with a knee to the head while Taker was propped up against a barricade. Kane beat on Undertaker back to the ringside area. Kane climbed to the top of the ringside barricade and nailed Taker with a right hand and then threw Taker back in the ring.

Back in the ring, Kane started dropping punches and kicks. Kane was jabbing away, punching Undertaker around the ring. Kane continued to drop punch after punch and Taker would motion to Kane to bring it. Kane started punching away and Undertaker started countering, and the two traded blows, this time with Undertaker getting the better of it. Taker followed up with a flying clothesline and splashed Kane in the corner. Undertaker hit snake eyes, a big boot and a legdrop, but only got a two count. Taker then hit a chokeslam and motioned for the tombstone. Taker got Kane up for the tombstone but Kane countered and nailed Undertaker with a tombstone to get the pin.

Kane defeated the Undertaker via pinfall to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Undertaker was shown struggling to get to the back. Taker kept stopping to rest as he made his way to the back and Jerry Lawler said that he thinks that Undertaker's powers may be gone.

A promo for Legendary aired, saying that the DVD will be available next week at Wal-Mart.

Todd Grisham asked Randy Orton if he had any comments before the "Six Pack Challenge." After posturing for several moments, Orton simply said "No."

WWE Tag Team Turmoil Championship Match
The Usos vs. The Hart Dynasty (c) vs. Mark Henry & Even Bourne vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella and Koslov

The Hart Dynasty and the Usos started off. After a couple of minutes, Kidd tried to put the sharpshooter on one of the Usos but was kicked in the head by the other and the Usos got the pin! So we are guaranteed to have new tag team champions.

Santino Marella and Koslov are in next. Santino motioned for the cobra, and Tamina got on the apron. Santino stalled and was met with a Samoan drop from Jimmy Uso who then pinned Santino.

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne are in next and Bourne started the match for his team. Bourne hit some nice high flying moves and tagged in Henry who hit the Worlds Strongest Slam. He tagged in Bourne, who hit Air-Bourne on Jay Uso to eliminate the Usos.

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes are in next, the winner of this will be the new tag team champions. McIntyre and Rhodes started the match dominating Bourne and making frequent tags, taking turns beating on Bourne. They dominated Bourne for several minutes, tagging in and out and grounding Bourne with submission moves. Bourne was finally able to shake out of a suplex from McIntyre and nailed him in the head with a knee. Bourne tagged Henry and McIntyre tagged in Rhodes.

Henry dominated Rhodes with power moves and got Bourne up on his shoulders for Air Bourne. McIntyre ran interference and took Henry out of the ring. Rhodes hit Cross-Rhodes on Bourne and got the pin to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes won the Tag Team Turmoil match to become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions.

They aired a promo hyping Alberto Del Rio. The followed up with a promo hyping up the WWE Championship, featuring many past WWE Champions including Pedro Morales, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels.

Sheamus cut a promo saying that he's WWE Champion because he always wins, despite the match stipulation. He said he'll be leaving the arena tonight with two things - a smile on his face and the WWE title.

WWE Championship - Six Pack Elimination Challenge
Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett

Sheamus entered the ring first. Call me old fashioned, but I hate when the champion enters first. Cena came out next to his usual thunderous mixed reaction. Edge followed, who got a good pop from the crowd. Jericho was out next, who also got a decent pop, followed by Wade Barrett. Randy Orton came out last to a big pop, and it's clear over the past few weeks that WWE has been positioning him as their top star on RAW.

All six men start off in the ring at the same time. Within a minute all the participants are outside of the ring outside of Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. Jericho beats down Orton and Cena enters the ring. Cena and Jericho battle for a few minutes and then before you know it, Randy Orton gets up and nails Jericho with an RKO to eliminate Y2J!

Randy Orton eliminated Chris Jericho.

A "Y2J" chant broke out as Jericho headed to the back. Jericho is shown heading to the back as all the participants watch Jericho leave from the ring. They turn their attention to Wade Barrett, and all the participants start beating down Barrett and dump him out of the ring. Edge and Sheamus are tossed out and it's down to John Cena and Randy Orton. Before Cena and Orton could go at it, Barrett came in and broke it up. Edge and Sheamus got back in and after a few moments, it was back to Orton and Cena in the ring.

Cena and Orton have a staredown and Orton went for an RKO that Cena was able to dodge. Orton got Cena on the ropes and Edge tried to help Orton suplex Cena to the outside, but they were unable to.

Moments later it was Sheamus in the ring beating on Cena while all the other wrestlers were on the outside. Sheamus perched Cena on the top rope and went for the high cross, but Cena was able to knock him down. Edge grabbed Cena's foot, knocking Cena to the mat. Edge and Sheamus then double teamed Cena and superplexed Cena from the top rope and got a two count.

Edge and Sheamus then turned their assault on Orton, double teaming the Viper. Moments later, all the participants with the exception of Barrett were in the ring. They all try to hit their finishers, and after all the counters and reversals, Cena is able to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Edge to take him out of the match.

John Cena eliminated Edge.

Barrett came in the ring and started working over Cena and went for "Wasteland," but Cena was able to get out of it. Cena is able to turn the tables around and went for the five knuckle shuffle, but Sheamus came in the ring to break it up. Cena managed to apply the STF on Sheamus for several moments, but Sheamus was able to make the ropes.

The Nexus hits the ring and ran interference. Barrett hit "Wasteland" on John Cena with Cena's attention on Nexus to eliminate Cena.

Wade Barrett eliminated John Cena.

The Nexus then beat on Randy Orton and tossed him in the ring with Barrett. The Nexus surrounds the ring, but Cena grabs a chair and nails several members while Orton takes the other ones out. Orton then goes on to RKO Barrett to eliminate him.

Randy Orton eliminated Wade Barrett.

Right away Sheamus nailed Orton with a big kick, but only got a two count. Orton then went for the high cross, but Orton shook out of it and nailed Sheamus with an RKO to pin Sheamus and win the title.

Randy Orton won the Six Pack Challenge match to win the WWE Championship

Orton posed with the belt as the show went off the air. For another more detailed set of results for tonight's show, click here.

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