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Big Show vs. CM Punk

Punk came out to a massive response from his hometown crowd. Punk took the mic and said that he loved Chicago (wait for it...). He talked about all the things he loved about Chicago, but then said the thing he hated was the inhabitants of Chicago. He blamed the people for ruining his city, everyone from the police to the politicians to the White Sox. Punk said that they made him sick and said that the city should be burned to the ground and that he would build a new straight edge utopia. Punk turned his attention to Big Show and said that he was David to Show's Goliath, and his slingshot was the power of the "almighty straight edge." Great stuff as always from Punk. Show's music hits and he's headed to the ring.

Punk started off with kicks to Show's legs, but was chopped down by Show. Show stayed in control of the match to the dismay of the crowd, working over Punk with punches and chops. Show knocked Punk out of the ring and followed him out. Punk went in the ring and when Show tried to get back in, he was met with a kick from Punk. Punk worked Show over on the outside and then went in the ring and landed a flying splash to the outside on Show.

Show got back to his feet and entered the ring before the referee could make a ten count. Punk continued his assault and attempted several covers, but got less than a one count each time. Punk stayed aggressive and went for a clothesline off the ropes, but was met with a tackle from Show. Show then nailed Punk with the knockout punch and got the three count. Short decent match.

The Big Show defeated CM Punk by pinfall.

Show sold his ribs as he left the ring while Punk stayed laid out in the middle of the ring.

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