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WWE Divas & Women's Championship Unification - Lumberjills Match
WWE Divas Champion Melina vs. WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool

The lumberjills were introduced, with Layla being on the lumberjills. I smell swerve with Layla costing Melina the match. McCool hit the ring first and they kept showing Layla scowling. Melina came out next to a big pop.

McCool tried to sneak a cheap shot during Melina's entrance, but Melina was able to counter. Melina and McCool went to he outside immediately and McCool popped Eve and ran back in the ring.

Melina took control of the match early until McCool was able to throw Melina outside of the ring. None of the lumberjills helped Melina back in the ring (she was in the heel section), and McCool hit a blockbuster on Melina when she entered the ring. McCool maintained the advantage and went for a facebreaker, but Melina countered. McCool got in a scuffle with Natalya on the apron and Melina rolled McCool up, but the referee was out of position and counted two.

Melina stayed in control and did the Matrix duck, but McCool drove Melina into the mat. McCool then took Melina to the top rope but they botched the spot and fell to the outside. Melina went back in the ring as all the lumberjills attacked McCool. Layla got in the ring and went to attack Melina, but Melina threw her out of the ring. McCool got in the ring and kicked Melina in the head and got the pin. Just an ugly, ugly match.

Michelle McCool pinned Melina to become the Unified WWE Women's Champion.

After the match Layla and McCool celebrated as the lumberjills attended to Melina.

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