-- Randy Orton was trending on Twitter last night after winning the WWE Title at Night of Champions.

-- TMZ is now reporting that Chyna overmedicated on Benadryl. She supposedly took four to five times the prescribed amount to help her sleep yesterday, and when she finally woke up this morning, she couldn't walk and was throwing up. She is currently in the ER, receiving IV fluids, and should be fine.

-- WWE Comics sent out the following today… WWE HEROES COMIC RETURNS WITH A BRAND NEW SERIES WWE Heroes will return with a brand new comic series, WWE Heroes: Timequake – Undertaker, in November 23, 2010. Written by Keith Champagne, with art by Tom Nguyen, the story sees the Undertaker up against the undead, as the Dead Man fights for his life against zombies in Mexico! With backup from the fearless Rey Mysterio, will the Phenom be able to discover the secrets of the Saint of Death… Santa Muerte? Title: WWE Heroes: Timequake - Undertaker #1 Story by: Keith Champagne Art by: Tom Nguyen Cover by: Tom Nguyen Details: 32pgs, FC (1 of 2) Publisher: Titan Comics Cover price: $3.99 Release Date: November 23, 2010 Two collectible covers will be available for each issue - an art cover and a picture cover. WWE Heroes: Timequake - Undertaker #1 On-sale November 23, 2010 Available from all good retailers and specialist comic stores. For more information on WWE Heroes comic, visit: wwecomics.com, twitter.com/wwecomics, facebook.com/WWEComics

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