-- As noted earlier, RAW on Monday night did hours of 2.77 and 2.82, for a 2.8 cable rating. The show was seen by 3.9 million viewers. The show put USA in fifth and sixth place for the night. In demographics: * P18-49: 1.66 * M18-49: 2.30 * Vs. 3QTD average: P18-49: -17%; M18-49: -13%. Obviously a very disappointing rating, especially following a pay-per-view.

-- For the week ending September 19th, WWE RAW finished in 13th and 18th places among the top rated cable programs.

-- John Cena's "Legendary," as of September 19th, has done $191,875 domestically. They are hoping for huge DVD sales.

-- Jason Neece sent this in: Foxsports.com has a list of 41 tragic sports deaths. Luna Vachon is listed at #40 and Chris Benoit is at #30. Not sure why they picked those two out of all the possibilities with wrestling deaths.

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