-- John Morrison worked the house show last night in Luxembourg, indicating that his reported knee injury probably isn't as bad as reported.

-- Ric Flair chugged a Smirnoff Ice beer Thursday night on TNA iMPACT! at the end of his promo segment with Fortune. Apparently it's a new drinking game called "Bros Icing Bros" where if a person is handed a Smirnoff Ice they must chug it on the spot, no matter where or when. You can check out a news story about the drinking game here. The story notes:

Move over, beer pong! There's a new viral drinking game that's sweeping college campuses, offices and the Web: Bros Icing Bros. Here's how it works: Players handed a bottle of Smirnoff Ice have to drink it on the spot. Whenever, wherever. The only way to block the icing: present the attacker with another Smirnoff. So participants surprise each other at the most unsuspecting places: at work, in the shower, before an exam, during a game, etc. Bottles are hidden in bags, boxes, books, and even under toilet seats. Countless YouTube videos show icings on the streets, vacation, and at work. The rapid spread of the drinking game have some wondering whether Smirnoff started the hype. However, the company denies involvement. They say: "We never want under-age icing, and we always want responsible drinking." No matter its origins, no-one seems to be safe. Rapper Coolio and Rock Band the National have been iced, and there's even an online campaign to ice Ashton Kutcher.

-- The cover for Chris Jericho's new book Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps was released today. You can view the image below:

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