We begin with the WWE universe promo. Pyro hits. Building looks full.

We are welcomed to the show by Todd Grisham and Matt Stryker. They tease a challenge Kane will have for The Undertaker.

The fire erupts and here comes Kane. Not much of a pop either way. Todd and Matt pump up Kane's dominant victory over Undertaker at Night of Champions. His opponent is Chris Masters. Kane begins with a headlock and a shoulder block. Masters counters with a swinging neck breaker and a shoulder block of his own. He locks in the Master Lock! Kane is struggling but fights his way to ropes, but Masters holds on. Kane backs him in again and again. Third time is a charm as the hold is broken. Kane kicks him in knee and follows up with some kicks and punches. 3 clotheslines to Masters in the corner. Kane gets a 2 count. Kane levels him with a dropkick and gets 2. He is really laying a beat down and the crowd seems indifferent. Masters works his way to top rope but Kane blocks it and give a choke slam. Gives the throat slash and delivers a tombstone. This one is over.

Kane wins in a way too long squash match. Kane grabs the microphone and he took the best Taker had to offer and won. He claims he is the dominant brother and he can smell the fear in Undertaker and the WWE Universe. He goes into crowd and teases his challenge where he will take the Undertakers legend and soul.


Stryker pimps WWE.com and Facebook.com/WWE.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes is out and he stares at his reflection. Best entrance. He introduces his partner Drew McIntyre. They head to the ring to defend the tag team titles. The Hart Dynasty is out. Natalya is showing massive cleavage. McIntyre and Smith start. McIntyre misses a shoulder block and a nice belly to belly by Smith. 2 count. Kidd is in and they double team Drew. Nice dropkick move. McIntyre slides outside and gets leg scissored for his trouble. We go to commercial.

We are back and Smith is getting double teamed Cody hits a nice clothesline. Jawbreaker by Smith. Cody gets up and works over Smith. Very solid knee drop and he gets 2. Hot tags on each side. Nice drop kick by Kidd. 2 count. McIntyre gets thrown to the corner and gets a boot followed by a neck breaker. Rhodes is in to break up the near fall. McIntyre removes the turnbuckle padding throws Kidd into exposed turnbuckle and hits the Future Shock DDT. 3 count. Your winners are Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. They looked impressive.

Undertaker is on a stairwell in the back looking dejected and despondent.

Cut to Alberto Del Rio standing over a beaten Christian. He tells Christian that he told him another place, another time" and this was the place and time. Security tends to Captain Charisma.


We return with a recap of Raw and John Cena's gauntlet match. This leads into a promo for Hell in a Cell.
Hornswoggle is in the back with the Dudebusters who are dressed like movers. They try to teach Horny to talk. Teddy breaks it up and tells them to move on as he pimps the move to SYFY.

Cm Punk is coloring his wrist tape and we see Luke Gallows. Punk says he is through with Gallows and that Gallows was not worthy of being in the SES. Gallows jacks up Punk and says he is better than Punk and he will beat him tonight and celebrate with a beer after the match.

We come back and Chavo is in the ring. Kaval is introduced to an ok pop. Matt and Todd pump up Kaval as a breakout start. Chavo starts out strong but Kaval breaks out with a spinning kick and works over Chavo. Chavo kicks him out of the ring and slams him into the barrier. Body slam into barrier by Chavo. Chavo throws him in the ring and hits a splash. Kaval kicks out and hits a springboard kick, he gets a 2 count. Chavo recovers and hits the rolling suplexes Frogsplash misses. Kaval hits a kick and gets a 2. Chavo blocks a move off the top rope and throws Kaval. Frogsplash by Chavo and this one is over. Chavo by pinfall. Not sure why Kaval would job, but OK match.

Tease on a Rey update from Alberto Del Rio.

The "Smack of the Night" recaps Del Rio's beatdown of Mysterio.

We get Alberto's personal announcer Ricardo Rodriquez. Alberto arrives in a sweet black Bentley. Del Rio punks Christian and then replays his beating of Rey which caused a broken left wrist. He teases that Rey will be back next week on SYFY and he is calling Rey out not to fight but to kiss, huh? Christian is on his way to the ring. Captain Charisma is allover Del Rio until Rodriquez comes in and grabs Christian's leg. Del Rio beats Christian down and locks in the arm bar. He takes Christian out of the ring puts a chair on his arm and slams him into the ring post. Alberto Del Rio celebrates and leaves with Rodriquez.

Backstage Undertaker is still on steps sulking.


Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer are in ring. Here comes the Big Show for a handicap match. Big Show works over Hawkins with punches and kicks. Reversal to ropes and Hawkins comes off top rope only to get chopped down. Archer is in. Camel Clutch locked in and Archer taps. Big Show wins in a boring match.

Josh Matthews is in the back with Jack Swagger. They talk about SD going to SYFY and being in Oklahoma. Swagger shows off his varsity jackets and as he turns around the Dudebusters and HornSwoggle pack his stuff up.


CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows. Luke starts off strong and has Punk begging for mercy. All offense for Gallows as he hits kicks and punches. Punk reverses but gets a boot and Gallows gets a 2 count. Clothesline and splash by Gallows, another 2 count. Gallows misses splash in corner and Punk hits the GTS. It's all over. CM Punk wins. Short match, but Gallows looked ok.

We go backstage and Undertaker is still sitting on steps.


Grisham thanks MyNetworkTV for 2 great years.

"Excuse Me" Vickie is out and she introduces Dolph Ziggler. They are accompanies by Kaitlyn who is really hot. MVP is out to a nice pop. MVP tosses Ziggler a few times. Crowd chants "MVP" Dolph slides out of ring. Kaitlyn goes to help but is run off by Vickie. Slam and kick by MVP and Dolph slides out again. Kaitlyn tries to help is run off by Vickie. Kaitlyn pushes Vickie down and leaves. Vickie follows slowly, sulking the whole way.


We come back and Adolph is in control with a few moves highlighted by a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Dolph locks in a submission choke, He hits a few elbows but misses the big splash. MVP hits a throw and a clothesline but the "drive by" is blocked. Dolph hits a small package for 2. MVP hits a kick and gets 2 as Dolph gets a foot on rope. Tries for "balling" but Dolph rolls out, grabs his belt and leaves. Winner by count out MVP. A few storylines with Vickie and Kaitlyn are being played out. The match could have been better though.
Rosa is jump roping. Dudebusters come in and are interrupted by Vickie looking for Kaitlyn. Hornswoggle leads her to moving truck and they close the door, lock her in, and the moving truck heads to SYFY.

Undertaker still on steps. A door opens above him and a voice says "get out of here". The Undertaker rises and his eyes roll back.


Kane is out. He says he broke the Undertaker. Calls the ring his yard and vows to raise the stakes. He challenges Undertaker to Hell in a Cell. He states that the Undertakers tomb will read "Here lies the Undertaker, he will never Rest in Peace, he will forever burn in hell" Takers music hits. We see a coffin surrounded by huge cloaked men. They carry it to the ring apron and the lights go up. Kane approaches the coffin and it opens to reveal Paul Bearer with the urn. Lights go out. When the lights go on, Taker is behind Kane and Bearer is in the ring. Undertaker beats down Kane with punches and kicks. Kane ducks the choke slam and rolls out of the ring. We end with the Undertaker on one knee raising his arm to the urn and Kane looking on with fear in his eyes.

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