Jim Ross posted his latest blog entry, which you can check out here. Some highlights are below:

On Giant Gonzalez's death: Sorry to hear of the passing of Giant Gonzalez this week at the age of 44 due to complications from diabetes. Jorge was a kind soul who inadvertently backed into the wrestling biz after a failed attempt to join the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. Hawks head honcho Stan Kasten told Jim Herd and me that the 7'7" former member of Argentina's Olympic basketball team was being cut and if WCW, another Turner property along w/ the Hawks at the time, would like to see if we could utilize Jorge as a wrestling 'attraction.'

George will never be remembered as a great wrestler but he should be remembered as a nice, respectful man who knew his physical limitations but always tried to do his best in the ring.

On the Paris show: WWE sold out Paris, France Friday night to the tune of a $1M plus gate. The traveling superstars are all healthy.

On FCW: FCW has some amazing ethnic diversity. Very positive and needed in all businesses. Plus some of the 2nd generation, 3rd too, athletes have solid chances to be successful if they continue to come to work with the mindset to leave work better than when they arrived.

On Tonight's Madison Square Garden event: Big nite in MSG Saturday w/ WWE honoring Bret Hart who hasn't been at the Garden in over a decade. HOF'er Howard Finkel will be there to lend his familiar voice to the proceedings. Wish I could have been there but OU football calls tonight.

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