Paul Bearer posted on his blog about his WWE return, going into detail about what he's been up to since leaving in 2004, when the WWE asked him to come back and more. Check out some of the highlights:

On where he went after leaving the WWE: Since my departure from WWE at the GREAT AMERICAN BASH on June 24, 2004, I had virtually divorced myself from professional wrestling completely and returned fulltime to Funeral Service, which some may not realize that I have a degree in Mortuary Science and I am a legit licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. I managed a small Funeral Home and Crematory here on the Gulf Coast.

On his WWE contract: Many have asked for the details of my contract, such as it's length, even monetary details, and the like. Sorry you won't get that confidential information from me. I will say that a clause in my contract allows for me to continue working independent events, if I desire, and as long as they don't interfere with my WWE commitments. The bottom line is that I consider myself very lucky, at the tender age of 56, to get another chance at the top of our game. I am truly blessed.

On the night of taping his return: My SMACKDOWN re-debut to the company was set to be taped this past Tuesday evening, in Bloomington, IL. Getting there, staying at a discreet hotel, sneeking into the venue, and hiding out in the dressing area until my time in the event came, is a story onto itself. Most of the wrestlers on the card that night didn't even know I was there.

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