Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry at JRSBARBQ.com. Here are the highlights…

On Chris Jericho's DVD: The Chris Jericho DVD 'drops' Tuesday and is must see stuff. There are some 'lost gems' included on this presentation and Chris never fails to entertain and his extra work done on this DVD, along with WWE's talented production staff, really makes this three disc set stand out. I would have loved to have been interviewed for it.

On Advice To Younger Stars: One thing that I would encourage any trainee/young wannabe whether it be in FCW or elsewhere is to attempt to refrain from having a 'wrestling relationship' with another trainee. That likely sounds archaic but men and women have all they can say grace over simply learning the ropes and investing the required time outside the training facility to accelerate their maturation within the business to then complicate things by dating another trainee. There is no rule, nor should they be, against it but if one uses common sense and simply takes a quick look at history one can easily determine that relationships between performers rarely last even though I realize that there are obvious exceptions to the rule. I would suggest that it is hard, almost impossible, for a young person to emotionally invest themselves totally in their profession and, at the same time, attempt to balance a committed, serious relationship with another individual/performer with the same aspirations.

On Smackdown To SyFy: It shouldn't come as a shock to any one that when Friday Night Smackdown moves to Syfy this week that it will begin much more cross promotion with Monday Night Raw which is still WWE's far and away top TV priority. Syfy and the USA network are owned by the same people, NBC Universal, and being able to cross promote both shows is not only needed but also a no brainer.

On His Potential Book Deals: I have two book deals on the table and am evaluating both. Not sure I'm ready to sit down and do the research necessary to write a definitive biography just yet but I have another idea in mind that I do like. I need to fish or cut bait on something in the book world much Sooner than later.

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