Tammy "Sunny" Sytch appeared on the Busted Open radio show earlier this week. Here are some excerpts from her appearance:

On if what happened with Chris Candido turned her off to wrestling and if the animosity is still there for how TNA handled it: "No, I stopped watching long before that whole thing happened (laughs)…..Not so much the way they handled it. What are they gonna do, they can't dedicate the company to him."

In response to Doug saying TNA could have given her Chris's last paycheck: "That's the one thing that always bothered me. Basically what happened with him in the ring he did for free because they couldn't give me the last paycheck. You know, I did have bills to pay for and just because we're not legally married, they said 'Sorry, you're not entitled to it' so, they were kind of assholes about that.

People think that I hate TNA about that…..no, I don't hate them. Do I want to work for them? No, I wouldn't want to work more days a week and take a pay cut personally. With what I heard, they pay those girls next to nothing…..what I do on my weekends, I get to choose my work., I get to choose the money I want to make, and all my expenses are paid for…..people always ask me 'don't you want to be on TV?' Well, been there done that. The whole being on TV thing is not a motivating force."

Setting the record straight on being approached by Playboy before Sable: "Vince called me in for a meeting. So I went in and of course I was nervous because I didn't know what the meeting was about and he basically said Playboy contacted him and they wanted me to do a photo shoot. It literally took me 5 minutes to say no because I was barely 23, & it just wasn't right for me at the time so I think I'll pass.

"When I went to TV the next week, I talked to Terri Runnels about it and she was like 'I'd do it.' At the time, this was not what I'd want to do right now, so I said no. About a year later, they hired Rena unfortunately (laughs), and a few months after that they gave her the offer and she did it. She likes to tell people that I was never offered Playboy, but she wasn't even working with the company at the time so how the hell would she know?"

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