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As noted earlier, the reason that WWE plugged Mick Foley's book on RAW Monday night was because Vince McMahon wanted it done. The word is that it was done to show Foley respect for all he did for the company while he worked there.

While WWE said that last night was the first time that Orton and Jericho went 1-on-1 on RAW, that wasn't the case. The two faced back on July 5th of 2004, with Orton winning with a roll up when Batista interfered.

Right After Wrestling recently interviewed Rob Conway. Here is an excerpt… "Wrestling runs in cycles and I'm kind of a realist. I've been in the business for a long time and I understand when your character gets to a certain point, you have to go forward. You can't really be stagnant. If you're not moving up the card and you're moving down, you're very rarely are you staying in the same position for a long time. With La Resistance, we moved up about as high as we could as a tag team. Then they brought in Muhammad Hassan and they wanted him to have all of the anti-American heat so that's why they split us up. Sylvain and I ended up having our own singles characters that were pretty similar on different shows."

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