-- John Cena's next WWE film will be Blood Brothers. The film will be shot in New Mexico (the first film not shot by them in Louisiana in some time) and will tell the story of a trio of brothers who try to free a billionaire from a Mexican prison.

-- Chris Jericho was scheduled for the Westwood Collegiate reunion next week.

-- The Poughkeepsie Journal has an interview up with Dolph Ziggler, which you can read at blogs.poughkeepsiejournal.com Here is an excerpt from that interview… "That title is really special to me. I've had several goals along the course of my entire career. I wanted to break records in college. I wanted to get my foot in the door in WWE and be the youngest guy and the quickest guy to make it to the main roster. I think I earned (the Intercontinental title) about a year after I thought I would get it. But it is a stepping-stone to become even bigger like a lot of guys use it. It can help solidify my name as one of the greatest."

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