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On His Health: Thanks for the well wishes regarding my surprise, upcoming medical procedure this Monday afternoon where apparently a stent will be put into a heart artery. I just got this info Tuesday morning even though I knew last week while I was in Florida that my stress test showed some questionable results. Ironically, my blood work from my my annual physical and the overall condition of the structure of my heart have not been better in years and years. All my #'s of importance were the best that they had been in recent memory as a result of losing about 25 pounds, hitting the gym regularly, and adhering to a new, smarter diet. My family has a history of heart issues so perhaps its genetic. Plus, the test is 90% accurate so I may be in the rare, 10 percentile that has a false alarm. Nonetheless I am more concerned about the outcome of the OU-Texas game this Saturday in the Cotton Bowl that will find me on the OU sideline than I am about this medical procedure. I feel great and it's business as usual for me this week. I've gone to the gym every day this week and even after I got the 'news' and defiantly did cardio.

On Mick Foley's New Book: I'm excited about the release of Mick Foley's book which I have read and reviewed here months ago. I really thought Mick did an excellent job with his latest literary creation and I honestly did not think that the topic felt that compelling before reading the book. I was wrong and throughly enjoyed 'Countdown to Lockdown' and encourage fans to check it out. I'm likely to read Mick's latest book again before I start writing my own some day. As a matter of fact I will probably go back and read several of Mick's books along with a few others to prime the pump of creativity when I embark on writing my first book of what could be more than one if all goes as planned. Mick Foley is one of my all time favorite people and us being able to bring him to WWE when it wasn't the 'popular' decision is so rewarding. I wish that Mick and had the chance to work together more in the broadcast booth as I feel that we could have really meshed and could have become WWE's top team even though our 'looks' likely would have never allowed us to appear on the #1 show, Monday Night Raw. I hear Mick is going to be the subject of a movie about his life. Very cool...I wonder who's going to play 'J.R.'? I'm just saying...

On Talking With Steve Austin: Got a cool phone call from Stone Cold Steve Austin yesterday and we talked a little about my stent procedure but mostly about this weekend's football games. Steve has always been a valued friend even in the most challenging of times since we've known each other. I always know that I can count on Steve Austin when the chips are down in any scenario. Steve is entertaining the prospects of a couple of kick ass scripts for upcoming films and is really building a solid body of film work.

On Chris Jericho: Also received a great text from Chris Jericho early this morning who had some wonderful things to say about my broadcasting work on his new DVD which is the best WWE DVD released in years and is available now. It's always nice to hear from one's peers, the 'Boys' if you will, and I keep in touch with several even though my road days have ended by and large. I'm not sure when or if we will see Chris Jericho back in a WWE ring but having the ultra talented, 20 year vet around makes any card better and Chris can compete with any one on the roster, arguably, better than most anyone.

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