Source: PWInsider

-- During the 911 call made before Chyna was rushed to UCLA Medical Center, the guy said she was "throwing up from alcohol withdrawal." Chyna was taken to the ER after taking too much Benadryl. The guy said she was shaking in pain. She was released two days later. TMZ has audio which you can listen to by clicking here.

-- The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that Hulk Hogan has reached a settlement with Post Foods.Hogan had filed suit against the company in May due to a commercial for Cocoa Pebbles. That commercial featured a cartoon wrestling character that closely resembled Hogan's old "Rock N' Wrestling" character. While the details of the settlement have not been disclosed, Hogan is said to be happy with the outcome. You can check that article out here.

-- The New York Times has an article up, noting how Linda McMahon's association with WWE could become a bigger part of the campaign, due to Richard Blumenthal trying to stop her from closing the gap. You can check that out by clicking here.

-- David Hogan sent this one: I just thought with Smackdown! being live this week, what about us here in the UK? We previously got the show a few hours before the US, so I checked it out and Smackdown! will be shown live in the UK at 1am on Friday (technically Saturday morning) on Sky Sports 3, and then repeated at 11pm Saturday night, also on Sky Sports 3.

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