-- On December 29th, WWE will return to the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Tickets go on sale on October 16th at 10AM.

-- Tommy Gilbert, a former wrestler and referee, suffered several broken vertebrae and a collapsed lung when he fell off a ladder at his home. Bets wishes for a speedy recovery.

-- DASHING Cody Rhodes gives grooming tips to the Marvel superstars at Marvel.com. Here is an excerpt... "Spider-Man's rogues are some of the worst dressed ever. In particular, Mysterio just kills me. It's not the fishbowl that bothers me, it's the suit that accompanies the fishbowl. I actually think Mysterio is in need of a Hugo Boss two-button and can keep the Mysterio fishbowl, maybe in a slightly condensed form. But Mysterio can't go anywhere like he's dressed now. He can't rob a bank and do a museum heist in that outfit at all. Some characters have a little bit of walking room; Mysterio has none."

-- Dolph Ziggler has done numerous interviews promoting Smackdown's debut on Syfy.

-- The Oklahoma Daily has an article up with Jack Swagger, promoting tomorrow's WWE show at oudaily.com

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