We begin with a recap of last week's return of RVD and his challenge to Abyss.

"Backstage Voyeur" conversation of Angle talking to Hogan on the phone. Angle thanks him for the support and says he will win the title at the PPV.

We welcome Angle to the ring to kick off the show. He says "Get well soon" to the Hulkster and the crowd is behind him. He thanks Hogan for the pep talk and says although Hardy and Anderson are good, he will win. He also promises Hogan that he will fulfill his other request and dispatch Abyss tonight. He will take "the cancer" out of TNA and beat Abyss in cage match. Cue Abyss and he heads to the ring. Angle rushes him and they fight all the way tom the back with both men exchanging punches and kicks.

Taz and Tenay welcome us and we get a camera in the backstage area where Angle and Abyss are continuing their brawl. They trade blows again and Abyss rocks Angle with a ladder. He grabs a chair, misses, and Angle gets it and hits him twice with the chair. Abyss hits a low blow and slams Angle into the lockers. Angle returns the favor and security comes in to break up the brawl.


TNA security including D-LO and Al Snow are holding Angle back. Abyss dives on him and the brawl continues for a minute until the mayhem is stoppers.

Beer Money is on their way to the ring followed by Fortune for this lumberjack match. Next out is Dreamer and Rhino accompanies by EV 2.0. Dreamer and Rhino immediately get the advantage and clear the ring. They both work over Roode. Big backdrop by Rhino. Roode is thrown out ring and unceremoniously thrown back in by Sabu. Big heel kick in the corner by Storm and Beer Money has the advantage. They pound Rhino and hit a nice double suplex. While this is going on Taz and Tenay pimp Foley's book. Belly to belly by Rhino. Hot tag to Dreamer, and he is wrecking shop. Dreamer goes for the crossface, but Roode breaks it up. The lumberjacks are up and A.J. spits in the face of Dreamer before he is slammed by Kendrick. Dreamer ducks the beer bottle and hits the Dreamer driver for the pin.

Winners by pinfall: Dreamer and Rhino.

The Lumberjacks are brawling again and Sabu hits a suicide dive and takes them all out.

Foley is in the ring and he says no more violence out of the ring. He likes his in the ring and he calls out Ric Flair.

Flair is in ring with Foley. Flair asks is Foley wants to take to Ric Flair "the God", Mick says he want to talk to Ric Flair "The Man". Flair calls him an [email protected]@hole. Mick challenges Ric to a match next week live on Spike for Countdown to Lockdown. Flair leaves the ring and grabs a book from a fan, cheap plug for Mick's book. Flair gives the book a beating and accepts the challenge. Foley says he Flair made him want to wrestle again. Flair begins beating himself up and bloodies himself. Mick follows suit. "Foley" chant from the crowd. Flair says his family will be in attendance to see Foley's retirement next week. They argue about if Flair is hardcore. The match will be a last man standing match to end the feud they have had for the past 21 years. Flair says he will kiss Foley's butt if he loses. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not a bad promo if this was 1999.

"Voyeur" promo of Anderson wondering why Hogan never called him and he asks Bicschoff why. Bischoff explains that Hogan goes with what he knows which is RVD, but he has faith in Anderson. In that respect he has booked him in a match with Samoa Joe and he knows Anderson can win.

Commercial break.

Taz and Tenay go over the Lethal Lockdown card for 10-10-10.

Ink Ink is introduced. Their opponents are Generation Me. Shannon Moore takes the early advantage with a few solid moves. Double team by Ink Ink and they are in total control. 2 count for Neal. Max Buck comes off the second rope and fakes a knee injury before gaining control on Neal. Nice double team dropkick by GenMe for a 2 count. If you did not know, TNA is live for 2 hrs next week; all Taz and Tenay are talking about. Spin kick by Moore, 2 count. Double leg scissors by Moore. Springboard by Moore and he gets 2. Neal misses and eats the ring post. Low blow by Max Buck. They get the pin.

Winners by pinfall: GenMe. A nothing match with some good moves but the real competition is between GenME and the Guns.

GenMe come back into the ring and beat down Neal and Moore before the Machine Guns make the save. GenMe scatter.

Samoa Joe is heading to ring thanking Hogan for the opportunity to beat Anderson and get back in line for a title shot. Lots of thanks for Hogan, at least 5 mentions so far.

Commercial Break.

Machine Guns say they want GenMe and they will give them a tilt shot, but they want revenge at the live event next week.

Mr. Anderson is out next. "A##hole chant" and he thanks the crowd. Samoa Joe is out next. The Pope's music hits. He is going to do commentary and he is bringing Nash and Sting. Samoa Joe is rocking Anderson in the corner. The Pope is not answering questions about his relationship with Sting and Nash. Samoa Joe is making Anderson eat his boots in the corner. Pope is talking gibberish. Anderson fights back with a nice dropkick, 2 count. Joe goes for the choke and it is locked in. Big drop by Anderson and he pins Joe.

Winner by pinfall- Mr. Anderson. This was a really bad match that did nothing for either competitor. Anderson was not going to lose heading into PPV, so it was really a job by Joe.

Nash heads to ring with Sting's bat. He asks Joe to join them and this is Joe's last chance.

We go to break.

We return and Samoa Joe went after Nash during the break. Nash has a microphone and begins to trash Hogan and Bischoff thanking Sting for opening his eyes. The Pope is talking now and he says he is running with the pack now. He says no longer can Bischoff pull the wool over his eyes and that Erik is a bad guy and he and Hogan will come out on the losing end. Sting is talking and says his and Hogan's beef dates back to WCW. He says the match at Bound for Glory should be a six-man with Nash, Sting, and Pope, challenging Jarrett, Samoa Joe, and Hogan. Bischoff is out with his secretary. Bischoff says this about people past their prime, Sting, the Pope who is wet behind his ears, and Nash, who is consistently selfish. He says Pope has been bi$$hing about his lot since he lost in the semis of the title tournament. He calls them cowards for calling out Hogan. He says next week Hogan will be there live to answer the challenge.

A.J. is in the back trashing Kendrick and he challenges him to a TV title match. I think Flair just got bro-iced.


The Knockouts are in the back and they immediately start bickering. Madison must sign a waiver to allow Tara to be in her corner and she has no problem with that because she trusts Tara. Lots of yelling by Velvet and Madison. Order is restored and it announced that there will be a four way match at Before for Glory. The winner can be called The Beautiful People. The girls again begin arguing, yelling, and pulling hair. Security breaks up the meeting. The phone rings and Bischoff's secretary will meet someone in 20 minutes at "the usual spot".

Kendrick is out in a Star Wars outfit. A.J. Styles is next to be introduced for this TV Title match. Matt Morgan joins him at ringside. Flair is out to help with commentary and he immediately begins to trash Foley, vows to beat him and leaves to go to the ring. A.J. is in early control. A.J. misses a splash and Kendrick hits a nice dropkick. A.J quickly takes back control with a nice backdrop.Kendrick makes a few moves and goes to the top, but drops on Morgan outside the ring. A.J. gets a kick on Kendrick, but Kendrick battles out and goes to top. Morgan pushes him off. A.J. hits the finisher and this is over.

Winner by pinfall: A.J. Styles. Good match but too short.

Abyss is in thre back and he wants to make the match at the PPV a Monster's ball match.

Commercial Break.

The "earlier today" interview where RVD says it was a mistake to come last week. He laments that he is not 100% but will take out Abyss on 10-10-10.

In case they did not mention it, TNA is live next week for Before the Glory.

The cage is down and here comes Abyss. Next out is Kurt Angle.The cage is locked and we are set to go. Angle takes the early advantage as he looks to fulfill his promise to Hogan. I have never heard so many mentions of someone who is not involved in the show, Hogan's name has been uttered at least 20 times, and I am lowballing it. Abyss crushes Angle he is beating Angle down. Angle ducks a splash and throws Abyss into the cage. Angle grabs "Janice" and throws her or it out of the ring. Abyss is not happy.

We go to commercial.

Big boot by Abyss drops Angle in his tracks. Angle is gushing blood and this in not TV-PG. Abyss rocks Angle into the cage and Angle is really cut open. The ring has a lot blood on it. Angle cuts Abyss down and pounds him. Angle is up on the top and splashes Abyss for a 2 count. Abyss has Angle up, reversed to an ankle lock but Abyss escapes and choke slams him for a 2. Angle goes for Angle slam, it's reversed into a huge slam from Abyss for a 2. Abyss misses his splash and Angle hits the Angle slam, but gets 2. The straps are down and the ref goes to let Angle out. Angle declines and he is climbing the cage.We are out of time and the finish will be on TNA reaction.

This episode had both good and bad elements of TNA. The Styles vs. Kendrick match showed promise but was short and the Angle/Abyss match was very good. However, the reliance on over the hill wrestlers like Foley, Flair, Nash, Sting, etc. show that they are stuck in the past. And the incessant mentions of Hogan were really too much. To not show the ending of the main event on the regular show is bush league.

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