Source: PWInsider

There was some TNA drama, which caused the authorities to be called yesterday in Columbia, SC. Jeremy Borash posted on Twitter that he would be at a location near their venue, with a mystery guest to give away backstage passes to fans. Shannon Moore was to be the guest, and both Moore and Jeff Hardy posted the info on their Twitter accounts. With Hardy having over 100,000 followers, and Moore having over 37,000, a stampede of fans rushed to the location, which was a parking lot in front of a Dollar General store.

Once the fans started to arrive, the manager of the store called the local police. When the police arrived, the TNA crew had already left the venue. When they found out about the drama they caused, TNA sent over sent tickets and backstage passes to the store as a way to make up for the trouble.

Some people in TNA loved the idea, as they felt it generates buzz for local events and provides another way to interact with the fans.

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