-- Today is John Morrison's birthday. He turns 31 years old.

-- Kaval recently stated on Twitter that he could longer maintain his longtime official website, low-ki.com, and would thus declare a fansite as his new official source. He announced today that Kaval-Source.com has been chosen as his new official site.

-- Former WWE, WCW and AWA talent Mike Enos (also known as Blake Beverly of the early 1990s tag team The Beverly Brothers) was released from the Tampa, Florida based Hillsborough County Jail last Monday after spending four days incarcerated on charges of contempt of court after failing to appear for a Deposition in small claims court. Enos retired from professional wrestling in 2000 and currently owns a business, Enos Painting. He is best known for his various partnerships with Wayne Bloom, which included The Destruction Crew, The Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2 and The Beverly Brothers.

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