-- Natalya Neidhart wrote the following on her twitter after competing against Unified WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool at last night's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view: "I couldn't be happier about tonight at HIAC…@McCoolMichelleL is one tough cookie and I'm well aware of that- but tonight, I felt I more than made a statement… I felt proud of our match tonight- and as crazy/insane as it sounds, proud of Laycool, too."

-- Paul Bearer wrote the following on Twitter last night about Hell in a Cell: "About 2am time to try to get some rest. I do appreciate you all no matter what your opinion is of my actions tonight. Business is business. Storyline wise, you must remember UT buried me in concrete. Kane is my blood. Were my actions justified… matter of opinion. Good night."

-- Jack Swagger wrote on Twitter today his feud with Edge will continue: "Threw a little surprise at everyone coming to He'll in a Cell last night huh, well it's definitely not finished between Edge & I!"

-- WWE Films' The Condemned starring Steve Austin airs immediately following RAW tonight. The action flick replays at 2:05 a.m.

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