-- The Cena/Nexus storyline is apparently using the Virgil/Ted DiBiase from the 1990s as a road map, with the idea being that the way Cena is treated will get the fans behind him to snap and attack Wade Barrett. WWE Creative has an endpoint to the angle but the majority will be booked week-to-week

-- Kurt Angle has an interview where he says that this Sunday's main event at Bound for Glory will be the Match of the Year. You can check that out at radio.thescore.com

-- Jezebel.com has an article on Mick Foley.

-- Public Policy Polling have the results of their latest polling on the Connecticut Senate race, with Richard Blumenthal leading Linda McMahon 53% to 41%. Last week polls had Linda as close as five percentage points, meaning that she's lost whatever bounce she had. Fox news has her down by 10 points, 42% to 52%.

-- Irv Muchnick gave his thoughts on the McMahon-Blumenthal debate. You can check that out at wrestlingbabylon.wordpress.com

-- CrunchGear.com has an article about NXT's move to the internet and whether it's a sign of television's future.

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