We get a preview of tonight's program that will feature the first elimination as well as Vickie vs. Kaitlyn.

Opening of NXT and we are welcomed by Michael Cole to the first show on WWE.com. The NXT Divas are introduced. Matt Stryker in his signature sweater vest explains the situation to the ladies. The Diva with the most competition wins has immunity.

Our first competition is introduced and it is a mechanical bull. We need a demonstration and the Bella twins come out and ride the bull. If this were a bar and I had 10 beers maybe it would be hot, but not for a wrestling show.

Riding the Bull competition.

Naomi is first and her time is 12.5 seconds. Aksana is next and she posts a 17.9 second time to take the lead. A.J. is third and she rides our bull for 9.6. Jaime steps up to the bull and she hangs on for 10.9 seconds. Maxine takes her turn and she is able to score a 7.3. Kaitlyn enters the picture and she posts a time of 10 seconds.
The winner is Aksana.

Aksana versus Maxine.

Goldust is in the ring cuddling the Million Dollar Belt.Maxine takes the early advantage and begins working her over in the corner. Aksana gains control and hits a few kicks. Maxine hits a slam, but Aksana rolls her over and gets the 3.

Aksana wins by pinfall.

The feed is slow and choppy. We get a Raw recap.

The next competition is our Diva talent show and the audience will pick the winner.

Aksana is going to do pushups. Wow, she put her legs behind her head and did a few, pretty neat. Naomi is next, and she does a terrible rap. A.J. is next and she will show how flexible she is. She performs a split, puts her leg over her head and her head behind her back. Jaime says her talent is turning men on and she proceeds to tease Stryker. Kaitlyn is up and her talent is art. She brings out an easel and draws very slowly. She draws a stick figure of Vickie with hairy armpits. Our last Diva is Maxine and she begins by apologizing for dumping Hornswoggle last week. She has baked a pie for the little fella, how sweet. This is quite possibly the worst show I have ever seen. As she is about to feed him the pie she rubs it on his face. He responds by slamming the pie in her face. Who saw that coming………

The audience picks Kaitlyn.

Since A.J. and Kaitlyn have both won 3 contests, the audience will vote to determine which Diva gets immunity. They pick Kaitlyn and she cannot be eliminated.

We are in the back and Goldust is making out with the Million Dollar Belt. An immigration officer comes in and serves Aksana with paperwork and she needs to prove her citizenship.

Cole and Matthews pimp the match between Kaitlyn and Vickie and we get a vignette of what has led to this fued.

Vickie versus Kaitlyn.

Vickie is accompanied by Dolph Ziggler and Cole faws over how good she looks in the tights. I will respectfully disagree. Here comes Kaitlyn and Josh says this will be a great match. Vickie is doing jumping jacks in the ring. They are in yelling at each other and Kaitlyn slaps Vickie. A kick by Vickie and kailtly slap her down again. Vickie pulls Kaitlyn out of the ring and begins to beat her down. Vickie continues the assault in the ring. Vickie begins feigning a back injury and gets slammed for her trouble. Kaitlyn rolls her up for 3.

Kaitlyn wins by pinfall.

Vickie is not happy and Dolph avoids a few hug attempts by Kaitlyn.

This awesomeness will replay tomorrow.

The elimination is up. Bye bye Jaime.

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