- Barry Orton, Randy's uncle and best known as "Barry O" in the WWF, will make an appearance at WrestleReunion 5 this January in Los Angeles, CA. Orton has been quiet on the wrestling scene since his outspoken days during the WWF steroid scandal of the early 1990s. He'll be there with Gene Okerlund, Terry Funk, Ken Patera, a reunion of Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito, Mike Graham, Savio Vega, Paul Orndorff, tatanka Chris Chavis, Tito Santana, Bob Orton, Traci Brooks, Val Venis, SoCal Val and Alicia Webb (WWF's Rian Shamrock).

- You can check out last night's episode of Chuck with Steve Austin and Stacy Keibler at nbc.com/chuck

- The Honky Tonk Man will appear on syndicated Judge Jeanine Piro show on Monday, October 11th.

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