Shawn Daivari appeared Low Blow radio. He talked about his release from TNA and TNA veterans getting put over younger talent. I was surprised by his answer on younger guys not getting put over. Here are a couple of the highlights from the interview below.

Daivari on what led to his release from TNA: "Well when I came into TNA I had a very good relationship with Jeff Jarrett, who seemed to have more or less run things at the time. If I ever needed anything he could get it done. Once he got pushed out of the door things changed significantly.

His job was divided among 10-15 different people, many of which I didn't have the relationship like I had with Jeff. I signed a two-year contract assuming that the entire time my boss would be Jeff which wasn't the case. Management and I didn't see eye to eye on some things and that's how things ended."

Daivari on the use of veteran talent in TNA: "Well, a common misconception is that the veterans in TNA may demand management to put them over, which in reality isn't the case at all. I never witnessed that during my entire stay with TNA.

If a veteran goes over it's because of creative. I remember when Kevin Nash was doing an angle with Samoa Joe and really wanted to put Joe over. Creative kept booking it wrong and Nash eventually went over, despite what he wanted."

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