Andy Rogers sent this along:

I'm one of a thousand radio people who have interviewed Mick Foley this week for his new book. I thought I'd pass along a few quotes in case you thought they were newsworthy.

On the movie about his life, he said "It's not a documentary, but it will have that feel to it."

Will someone play Mick or will he play himself? "That's up in the air right now...but the producer (Jeff Katz) was throwing around the name of Joaquin Phoenix."

On the deaths of young wrestlers, Mick put over WWE for putting any wrestler who ever worked for them through rehab, but he did say that he believed they should "add depression therapy to that too." He added that the guys "have to accept it's not a lifetime job...look at it like a stint in the marines."

On his match against Ric Flair - does it feel like a "last match?" Mick said "I'm not saying it's my last match, but it is my last time to make a really good impression."

Mick also put over TNA's growing international audience (citing that they have more viewers in India than they do in America) and talent like The Pope, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, Jay Lethal and AJ Styles.

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