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-We see Abyss dragging Dixie Carter backstage, as Abyss says to CRY for him. Freak. Abyss takes her to where "THEY" have instructed him to take her. Dixie begs for someone to call for help, and asks "Chris" to stop it.

-Abyss drags her into the arena as we are LIVE now, and Abyss actually has her chained. Abyss talks about the smell of the arena, as he tells her to shut up again. It has been prophesized that "THEY" would come, and "THEY" will take control of TNA. Dixie yells for Terry as Abyss says she will be gone after 10.10.10, and that all of the money she spent, will have been a waste. "THEY" wanted Abyss to ask her does she prefer Janice or Bob? Eric Bischoff runs out now along with security. Abyss tells then to back off and threatens to slice them up. The agents are now out as D'LO Brown is in area. Bischoff says that Abyss doesn't need to do this, and asks him to let Dixie go. Abyss uncuffs Dixie, and Al Snow and D'Lo take her to safety. Bischoff says it is over, and tells them to cut the live feed as Abyss leaves to go backstage.

-Sting's music hits as Bischoff talks to a production person, and puts on a head set. Sting, Nash and Pope come out as we head to commercial.

-Back from commercial as Sting, Nash and Pope are in the ring with Bischoff. Pope starts off and says maybe he should retract his statement from last week. Pope said that Bischoff was a no good, son of a Bischoff. But maybe, maybe he is not. Maybe, maybe he is actually good. To do the smoke and mirrors. The black hats, the white hats, it will all be revealed soon. Abyss may not be smart, he had one thing right, at Bound For Glory, 10.10.10, the walls will come crashing down and the walls will fall on you! Bischoff says he respects Pope, and has for sometime, but Pope has no idea what he is talking about. Pope says they are calculated wolves, and says maybe it is bigger than Pope, and Bischoff agrees. Bischoff says he has no clue and follows Sting and Nash like they know what is up. Bischoff then says he is going in the wrong direction, and Pope says maybe Sting should talk to him. Bischoff says it is about Sting and Hogan. Sting says that he is dead on. What started 10-years ago will come crashing down at Bound for Glory. Sting says Hogan has to get back into the ring, because this is about two men, who took two different roads. But this is the end of the line, so is Hogan ready to put it out there? At Bound for Glory when his true character and soul is revealed, will he be ready to walk away? Bischoff say she has nothing to say to Sting. Jarrett and Joe make their way to the ring, and Bischoff says he will handle it. Bischoff says the answer is coming. Bischoff says that they want to fill their egos, and Bischoff then says that Hogan is in the hospital, in the ICU. Bischoff says if they don't believe him to look at that. We see footage of Hogan in the hospital. Bischoff says Sting wants Hogan's notch on his belt, so there he is. They actually show footage of the operation, his 8th surgery since February. Bischoff asks if they are man enough to take him now? We see the doctor saying that he is very limited for six weeks, and Bischoff then says they can kick his ass, because he doesn't care. But at Bound for Glory, he has something for him. Jarrett and Joe will face them, in a handicap match.

-Backstage, we see Mickie James arrives. She says to watch and see what she is doing here.

-We get a video package for Angle vs. Hardy vs. Anderson at Bound for Glory.

-We get a video of Team 3D in New York. They say that this is where they were born and bred, and at Bound for Glory, Team 3D will make the biggest announcement of their career, something that will change tag team wrestling forever.

For the Rights To The Beautiful People Gimmick: Tara and Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky
Rayne is a brunette and looks damn good. Rayne and Tara attack as Love and Sky shake their asses. Rayne slams Love down and covers for 2. Tara in, double Russian leg sweep and Tara covers for 2. Headlock by Tara, Sky and Rayne argue, small package by Love gets 1 as the ref was distracted. Sky tags in, clotheslines to Tara. Bulldog follows, off the ropes, Rayne kicks her in the back and we see Miss Tesmacher watching from the stage. Rayne and Tara double team Sky, Rayne slams her to the corner, then tries a head scissors and Sky drops her down and she lands face first. Tag to Love, she cleans house, Tara in, lands the reverse stunner deal. Double kicks to Tara and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Love and Sky @ 3:00 via Pin

-The original Beautiful People celebrate. Miss Tessmacher then gets on the mic and says at Bound for Glory, they will all compete for the Knockouts Title. It is Madison vs. Tara vs. Sky vs. Love for the title. They are not out there to be friends, and to ensure that these SKANKS play by her roles, there will be a special guest referee. Mickie James makes her way out, and she will be the referee. Mickie says hello to the ladies, and asks if they are going to give her a warm welcome. They knew she would make an Impact, but who knew she would be Bound for Glory. But when she awards the winner, she has her eyes on that title. Mickie James makes history, and it will be their pleasure when she wins the title, and makes history as the only woman to hold all of the major titles. Now that's epic. See you Sunday.

-We see Foley in Boston, pimping his book, discussing his match tonight with Ric Flair. He will stop at nothing to make sure that he is the last man standing. When he wins, he expects Flair to kiss his big ass.


-Dixie is backstage with Bischoff and she wants Eric to fire Abyss, something he should have done some time ago. Eric says he feels that he can solve this problem, and she says she wants it done tonight. Dixie says to do it in the ring and to humiliate him.

Last Man Standing Match: Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair 44
Over under on blood set at 2-minutes. And they lock up to start this EPIC 20-YEAR BLOOD FEUD! YES! Chops by Flair, rights follow. Flair rips off the tape on Foley's head, and we have blood ONE MINUTE in for those of you going under. To the floor they go, they brawl and Foley with the low blow to Flair. Foley rolls him back into the ring and Foley then gets the barbed wire baseball bat. He nails Flair in the head, and another shot by Foley and at TWO MINUTES IN both are bleeding. Rights by Foley follow, Flair to the floor and Foley follows. Flair makes his way to the broadcast table, and Foley slams his head off of the table. Foley grinds the barbed wire bat off of Foley's head, and Flair then tosses Foley off of the stage and through a table! DVD FLYING EVERYWHERE! DON WEST BROWN BAG BLOODY DISCOUNT SPECIAL. We head to a commercial @ 4:00.

Back from commercial @ 8:00 with Flair rebating down a bloody Foley. Foley has a great crimson mask going here, and during the commercial, Flair hit Foley with his own book and ripped it apart. Dueling chants now, Flair to the floor and he gets a bag of goodies. Thumbtacks they are, and Foley backdrops Flair into the tacks! That has to suck. Foley gets a barbed wire board, puts it into the ring, rapid fire rights to Flair follow. Foley grabs the board and CHARGES Flair with it and connects! The ref counts, Flair fights to get to his feet, is up and lands chops. Rights from Foley, they trade, and Flair is down. Foley now gets a table, puts it in the ring and sets it up. LOW BLOWS by Flair to Foley, grabs him and lays him on the table. More rights to Foley, Flair then grabs the barbed wire board and nails Foley with it. Flair goes up top now, SPLASH BY FLAIR BREAKS THE TABLE! I don't know if this is great or not, but it is perversely entertaining. The ref counts, Flair up, and FLOPS into the tacks. Foley makes it to his feet and he wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mick Foley @ 14:00

-After the match, Foley says that he believes that Flair has some ass kissing to do. Foley says that Flair is great, but a deal is a deal is a deal. Now get back in here and kiss my ass. "KISS HIS ASS" chant now. Flair comes to the ring, and Foley says that the kissing is about to begin. FOURTUNE hits the ring and start to kick Foley's ass. EV2.0 finally come out to make the save. Flair says that they can all kiss his ass. EV2.0 his ass.

-Taz and Tenay put over the brutality of the match.

-We see Bischoff walking and he makes his way to the ring. He says the ring looks like a train wreck. He then calls out Abyss, because they have business to take care of. They go to commercial.

-Back from commercial and Bischoff calls out Abyss once again, and here comes RVD. RVD says he will fight Abyss, and if not he will leave the company over this. They have a code backstage, they will deal with this, not management. He is 1010% SERIOUS about this. Either Abyss wrestles Sunday, or Dixie loses RVD.

-We see Dreamer and Rhino outside THE ARENA in Philly.

-We see footage of Orlando Jordan earlier today in the theme park with Eric Young. They discuss being a tag team, ice cream and caramel. Odd hugging commences.

Ink Inc. (Neal and Moore) vs. Ice Cream and Caramel (Orlando Jordan and Eric Young)
Young is wearing some Scotty Too Hotty approved shorts now. Young goes over to talk with Ink Inc, because he's wacky due to a fall on Xplosion. Comedy to start, Jordan and Neal to begin, off the ropes and a hip toss by Neal. A dropkick follows. To the corner they go, Jordan grinds on him, this offends Neal, clothesline by Jordan. Shoulder breaker by Jordan, he works the arm now. Elbows to the arm by Jordan, works the arm again and keeps control of the match. Rights by Neal, off the ropes and runs into a spinebuster. Jordan covers with his crotch in Neal's face. Tag to Moore, spin kicks and clotheslines take Jordan down. Head scissors follows, side kick and the MOOREGASM moonsault connects for 2. Young in, high fives Moore, whips Moore into Jordan, Jordan uses the ropes and Young tells the ref. Jordan low blows Moore and covers for the win. Yeah.

BUT WAIT. Young says since he is the leader of the tag team, and a member of the tag team coalition, they will forfeit the match. It wouldn't stand up in court anyway, but then says he will make some calls and at Bound For Glory, they get tattoos, and they have a match again.

OFFICIAL RESULT Who The Hell Knows @ 4:00

-We see a video of Jay Lethal at home, discussing how he grew up.

-The gauntlet is next. WHERE IS THE SHORE???

-Dixie talks with RVD, and Eric brings her a paper to sign, which supposedly says that Abyss is fired after Bound for Glory. RVD promises to take out Abyss at the PPV.

-THE SHORE IS HERE! Robbie E and Cookie are finally in TNA they say. Before they fist pump up and down the roster, they want us to know that there is zero hot girls in Florida. When he looks around are a bunch of grenades. DUCK ROBBIE! Cookie says she has needs, and she hasn't seen a filthy gorilla since she arrived, no one even has a tan. Robbie says they live in their basements with their mommy. They are posers, like the guys on MTV. Next week on Impact, JERSEY IS IN THE HOUSE…b-----s!

-We get a video of various guys talking about Bound for Glory.

$100,000 GAUNTLET MATCH 43
Every man that is involved in Bound for Glory is supposed to be in the match. Anderson is #1. Angle is #2. Convenient. Lock up to begin, to the corner they go and separate. Off the ropes, we have entrances every 45-seconds, and Jeff Hardy is #3. Who would have guessed. Hardy in and Anderson and Angle attack him. #4 is AJ Styles. Double clothesline by Hardy as we head to a commercial @ 2:00.

Back from commercial @ 4:00 as Tommy Dreamer makes his way out. Williams, Sabu, Max Buck and Chris Sabin are also in the ring now. Dreamer attacks AJ as Angle tries to toss Anderson. Jay Lethal is now in the match. Head scissors to AJ by Jay. Hardy tries to toss Max, but he stays in as Jeff Jarrett makes his way into the match. He tries to toss Williams, who saves himself. Tries to toss AJ now, but AJ saves himself. Max and Angle brawl in the corner, as the Pope is now in. He tries to toss JJ, but fails. Sabin tries to toss Hardy, but he hangs on. Here comes Robert Roode. The ring is quickly filling up, no one gone as 13-men are in. Hardy tried to toss Anderson, but he slides back in. Sting now makes his way out to the ring, and we head to a commercial @ 10:00.

Back from commercial @ 14:00, more guys are in, and #19 is Abyss. Sabu and Williams are gone. So is Lethal. Sabin and Raven are also gone from Abyss, MONSTER! They gang attack Abyss, Sting splashes the pile and then tries again but gets tossed by Abyss. Kevin Nash is now coming in. Nash loves money. He is TNA casual with jeans and a t-shirt. He attacks Abyss, tries to toss him, and Matt Morgan now makes his way into the ring. Morgan cleans house, clotheslines Abyss and levels him. Morgan and Nash face off now. HOSSFEST 2010! But wait, here comes Samoa Joe! Morgan and Nash brawl, Joe is in and Abyss tosses Morgan and Nash. Dreamer attacks Abyss, as James Storm is now in the match. Storm takes his time, Abyss single handedly tosses generation Me as Alex Shelley is in the match. Hardy and Joe battle, Hardy almost tossed, but manages to hang on. Anderson and AJ battle in a corner, Kazarian is out as Rhino is out to the ring. Dreamer almost tosses AJ, and Abyss tosses Rhino. JJ gets tosses by Abyss now. Pope and Abyss brawl, and Abyss tosses him to the floor.

We are officially in REACTION time as Shelley gets tossed by Abyss. Joe charges Abyss, who pulls down the ropes and Joe flies over the top and to the floor. Beer Money attacks Dreamer, double suplex…and then get it on Abyss!


Roode tries to toss Storm, skins the cat, they argue now and then hug. Abyss clotheslines Roode to the floor and then tosses Storm. PELE by AJ to Abyss! DREAMER DRIVER to AJ! Abyss then grabs Dreamer and eliminates him. Abyss then press slams AJ to the floor. Abyss, Angle, Anderson and Hardy are left. Twist of fate on Angle, SWANTON connects to Angle! Abyss then tosses Hardy! Anderson attacks Abyss, boot, but Abyss choke slams him. WAIT…RVD is out! We went like forever without an entrant, and here he comes. Kick off the top from RVD. He charges Abyss and hits him, flies to the floor, and Abyss SLOWLY teeters over the top and to the floor. We're down to Anderson and Angle.

We're down to Anderson and Angle. They trade punches, Anderson levels Angle and then a counter, mic check countered, elbows by Anderson, but Angle tosses him and wins the match and the cash.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 26:00 (20:00 shown) via

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