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-- The New York Post has officially endorsed Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate in Connecticut. They note that she is, "well-spoken, intelligent and CEO of one of the state's largest and most successful businesses." Regarding her opponent, Richard Blumenthal, they say that he is "a proven liar."

-- Richard Blumenthal has a new ad out against McMahon, claiming that Linda McMahon worked to kill steroid and drug testing laws in various states and that she has hired lobbyists to, "duck taxes, kill steroid and drug testing laws, and avoid health and safety protection for her workers."

-- Linda McMahon also has a new ad out, which shows Blumenthal's answer at the first debate when she asked him how you create a job. He apparently came off awkwardly and unsure on that.

-- Triple H was at the National Association of Convenience Stores convention in Atlanta on Wednesday to promote Venom energy drinks.

-- Tickets are on sale for the December 7th SmackDown! taping in Dayton, OH. The Undertaker, Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio is the advertised main event.

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