TNA Bound For Glory Opener:

We get a video package, highlighting the three men vying for the TNA World Title tonight, as well as random footage of competitors in other matches tonight.

There's no pyro, but Mike Tenay still welcomes us to the PPV proper anyway. Tenay immediately begins hyping some of the main events, including RVD vs. Abyss. As well as Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle. We open Bound for Glory with the TNA Tag Team Titles Match.

TNA Tag Team Championship
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me

Gen Me make their way down to the ring to a bit of heat, not much though. Tenay slips though, and calls them the Bucks, which is pretty cool. The Guns are out next, and the crowd sounds pretty happy to see the champs.

Alex Shelley and Max Buck looks to start things off for their teams. Max backs up Shelley into the corner and immediately works him over with a series of punches and kicks. Shelley comes back with a couple of knife edge chops, an arm drag, and a leg sweep. The Guns take turns hitting Max with a couple of big right hands, before Shelley slams Max head first into Sabin's feet, and tags in his partner. Shelley and Sabin do some quick double team work, taking it to Max and Shelley scores a near fall after knocking Jeremy off the ring apron. Jeremy is able to repay Shelley by sweeping his feet out from under him and tagging out to his brother.

Max is back in and eats some huge double team maneuvers, sending him to the outside. While talking to his brother, both Buck's find themselves hit by dual suicide dives from the Guns. Jeremy is sent back into the ring and takes a big crossbody from Shelley that's good for a two count. Shelley teases Sliced Bread, but Jeremy fights it off. Jeremy and Max execute a double DDT to Shelley from the top turnbuckle while Sabin is tied up with the ref. Jeremy slaps Shelley, taunting him, but it's not long before Shelley answers with a slap of his own. Jeremy comes back with an enzugiri, but a pinfall is broken up by Sabin. Gen Me hit a double team dropkick and Max tags in.

The Bucks double team Shelley for a bit, hitting a nice chestbreaker/neckbreaker combo before Jeremy locks in a rear chin lock. It doesn't take Shelley long to fight it off, but Max hits Shelley from behind, and makes the tag. Jeremy takes Shelley to the top turnbuckle, but Shelley fights him, then Max off. Shelley jumps off with a double foot stomp to Jeremy before making the tag to Sabin. Max tags in and Sabin goes right to work with a series of jumping forearms, big back elbow. Sabin ties up Max in the tree of woe, and Shelley hits the baseball slide before Sabin follows up with a big dropkick. Sabin dives out on Jeremy and hits a springboard dive on Max that's good for a two count.

Sabin slaps Jeremy and the Guns contine to work their crazy double team magic. Shelley tries to dive to the outside but Jeremy moves and he crashes and burns. Max hits an awesome wheelbarrow move that's good for a two count on Sabin and the Bucks look frustrated. They try for a double team DDT on Sabin, but Shelley is in to break it up. Shelley and Sabin try for a double team slices bread, but Jeremy tosses Sabin off the top rope and Max smashes Sabin's face with a top rope dive. Max holds Sabin up in the ropes, and Jeremy hits a big 450 splash, but Shelley breks up the pin. Shelley and Max trade blows, and Shelley hits an STO/DDT combo on the Bucks.

Shelley tries for a double foot stomp, but he eats a double team maneuver. Sabin's back body dropped to the floor. Shelley tries for and misses a standing sliced bread. Crazy double team dives from Gen Me still can't keep Shelley down for three. Jeremy tags in and it looks like they're going for More Bang for You Buck. Shelley gets his knees up, and Sabin hits a gigantic release German top rope superplex on Max. Sabin picks up Jeremy and hits a neckbreaker. Shelley hits a cross body, and Shelley pins Jeremy, scoring the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns


Christy Hemme is backstage with Madison Rayne and Tara. Rayne calls Hemme a b****, and says that Tara has her back and is the only one who is grateful for her. She also says that Tara is indebted to her for life. Rayne then turns her attention to Mickie James, saying there's only room for one queen bee in TNA, and that's Rayne.

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