Monster's Ball Match
Abyss vs. Rob Van Dam

We get a video package detailing the recent history between these two men, that has led up to this (sometime) feud ending matchup.

Abyss grabs a mic, and he says the date is upon us. It happens once a century, and it will begin now with the destruction of Rob Van Dam, and will continue with the takeover. Abyss chants ten, ten, ten, and he's interrupted by RVD.

RVD and Abyss trade blows immediately with RVD beating on Abyss in the corner with a series of big kicks. RVD chokes Abyss with his feet for a bit before dragging him over to the apron and hitting a big slingshot legdrop over the ropes and across Abyss' throat. RVD goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He comes back into the ring with a single leg dropkick, and picks up the chair, hitting a low, chair assisted dropkick in the corner.

Abyss rolls to the outside, so Van Dam follows with a dive from the ring apron on top of the monster. RVD grabs a board with barbed wire on it and throws it into the ring. RVD hits a baseball slide into Abyss' feet, knocking him to the floor, but Abyss pops right back into the ring and delivers a back elbow to put RVD down. Abyss sets the barbed wire board in the middle of the ring, and turns to Van Dam, hitting him with a series of right hands. Abyss teases a chokeslam, but RVD fights it off. Abyss teases a body slam to the board but RVD fights it off and bulldogs Abyss on top of the board. RVD goes for rolling thunder, but Abyss moves and RVD connects with barbed wire.

Abyss reaches under the ring and grabs a table, propping it up between the ring apron and ringside barricade. Abyss then grabs a trash can and uses it to whack RVD on top of the head. Abyss then sets up a barbed wire board in the same fashion as the table he did earlier. Abyss pounds on RVD, and RVD tries to respond, but he can't quite keep up with the monster. Abyss rolls RVD back into the ring and climbs in after him. RVD catches Abyss on the ring apron with a series of blows, but Abyss head butts Van Dam, and almost suplexes him through the table. Abyss teases a chokeslam, but RVD fights out of it and into the ring. Abyss falls back onto the table, and RVD hits rolling thunder, jumping over the top rope, through the table and Abyss.

Both men climb back into the ring, and Abyss tries to hit RVD with a chair, but RVD ducks it and kicks the chair right into Abyss' face. RVD picks up the chair, places it on Abyss' chest, goes to the corner across the ring, but when he gets ready to dive off the top, Abyss tosses the chair in RVD's face, and Van Dam falls off the top, through the barbed wire board.

Abyss is able to bring Van Dam back into the ring. Abyss sets another barbed wire board up in the corner, and he picks up RVD, but Van Dam fights out of it and pushes Abyss into the barbed wire instead. RVD turns the board around and kicks it into Abyss a couple of times. RVD goes to the opposite corner and hits a coast to coast drop kick, driving the board into Abyss' face. RVD goes to the top rope, and tries for a five star frog splash, but Abyss rolls out of the ring.

Abyss goes over the the announce table, and picks up Janice. He climbs back into the ring, and tries to use Janice to hit RVD, but Van Dam ducks, and throws a chair into Abyss' face. RVD looks down, and picks up Janice himself. he swings and hits Abyss in the gut. RVD hits a big kick to Abyss' head. He goes to the top and nails the five star frog splash. RVD covers Abyss and gets the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Abyss looks into the camera and says 'ten ten ten, get ready because here we come'.

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