Three-on-Two Handicap Match
Sting, Kevin Nash & D'Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett

Joe and Dinero look to start things out for their teams. We get a lock up and Joe and Pope chain wrestle for a bit, both men getting in huge shots, and Pope hitting a great flying shoulder block. Joe responds with a series of short rights and an awesome belly to belly variation. Joe pounds on Pope in the corner, unrelenting. Pope comes back, hitting Joe with lefts and rights, but he eats a high knee when he sends Joe into the ropes. Pope tags out to Sting, who comes in to lots of love. Sting turns to Jarrett, and Joe responds by hitting Sting with a series of rights. Sting avoids a splash from Joe and retaliates with a Stinger splash. Another attempt from Sting and Joe responds with a vicious urunage.

Sting goes to the outside and Joe follows, hitting Sting with some more rights, and launching him into the barricade. Nash catches Joe from behind with a knee to the back, and Sting connects with a clothesline, taking Joe down. Sting sends Joe chest first into the barricade before heading back into the ring. Sting tags out to Nash, who comes in and hits a series of high knees to Joe's gut, before following up with a series of elbows to the side of the head. Nash tags right out to Pope, who comes in and hits Joe with a series of boots, and a goofy corner elbow drop. Joe comes back with a couple of chops, but Joe gets 4Up for his troubles and Sting tags in. They try for a double clothesline, but Joe comes back with a double clothesline of his own. Nash is in to stop the tag, hitting a terrible splash in the corner before eating a kick to the face from Joe.

Joe almost gets the tag, but Jarrett jumps off the ring apron. Joe looks angry and shocked. When he turns around, all three men are looking at him. Joe tries to take them all on, but all three men beat down Joe at once. Joe still tries to come back, but Nash, Pope and Sting are unrelenting. Nash tags in, and he hit a jackknife powerbomb on Joe. Nash pins Joe, and that's it for this one.

Winners: Kevin Nash, D'Angelo Dinero and Sting

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