Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He apologizes to Angle and his kids, and lots of other people, for being the one to end his career tonight. Anderson says everything was going along swimmingly, until Angle hit him low. Anderson says he won't end this because he wants to, but because Angle made him, and he has to.

In the Arena:

Team 3D is announced and make their way out to the ring to a bit less love than I would have thought, considering how long they've been gone from TV. It seems to pick up a bit though.

Brother Ray says he has one question, and asks if the crowd are having a great time, to much applause. Ray calls out the date that he and D-Von promised to each other to become the most decorated team in tag team history, and it's only because of respectful fans like the one's in TNA, that they've worked all over the world and in almost every single major organization. Ray says there comes a time in a career when you wonder what's left to do, because they've conquered everything in tag team wrestling. Ray says as of this very moment Team 3D is officially retired.

Ray says they have on request. If they're going out, they want one more match. They want to wrestle the best tag team in the world today, and if you're the TNA World Tag Team Champs, they're the best in the world, so they're talking to the Guns. If they can beat Ray and D-Von, they can write it at the top of their resumes, but if 3D win, they retire 24 time tag team champions. Ray thanks the crowd for always screaming at the top of their lungs. The crowd yells get the tables, and D-Von says 'Testify', before 3D salute the crowd, and head to the back.

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