-- As noted over the weekend, Bobby Lashley's contract with Strikeforce has ended. Lashley is currently in the exclusive negotiating period, meaning he can't talk to anyone else in MMA, although his Strikeforce deal does allow him to do pro wrestling. When the exclusive period ends, he can talk with other groups but Strikeforce would have the option to match any offers. At this time, it appears as if Strikeforce has lost interest, due to Lashley's loss to Chad Griggs.

-- Batista recently spoke about his possible future in MMA, here are the highlights…

On The Deal He Wants: "My thing is I want to do a multi-fight deal," he said. "I want to have a guarantee of at least three fights. I want a tune-up fight, I want a big fight, and I want a pay-per-view fight."

On His Age: "I've always been honest with myself," he said. "I'm not getting any younger, so three fights is all I can commit to. I don't know how I'm going to feel after those three fights. If I'm 42 and I've had three fights, my window of opportunity is not very large."

On The Fights He Wants: "I'd have an easier fight where I could get comfortable in the cage, and then I'd like to go into a big fight with Bobby, and then I'd like to have a large pay-per-view fight."

On Having The Tools To Compete: "I'm not going to come into the ring and start yelling and screaming and attacking guys. I'm going to bring some skill, but also it's going to be with a lot of speed and agility and power behind it. I've got all the tools. I'm 41 years old now, but I can go and train for one or two hours nonstop, and I don't have a problem. The reason I was successful in wrestling is because I stayed in shape nonstop. I have the durability. I just have to put it all together and get the skill. I think I'll be an exciting fighter. I'm either going to win big or lose big."

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