We welcome you to WWE programming.

Cole welcomes us to Seattle, Washington for Raw.

Cena's music hits and he runs to the ring as a chorus of boos and cheers reign down from the crowd. Cole explains Cena's dilemma of having to do Wade Barrett's bidding or be fired. The boos and cheers go back and forth as Cena grabs a microphone. Cena thanks the crowd for their support and belief in him. He acknowledges the crowd from last week chanting "never give up" and he says he has never given up before and will not start now. Wrestling is what he lives for and the fact is that he is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. He warns Cenation that he may be forced to do things that are uncharacteristic but he will…

AWESOME!!!! The Miz is out and we learn from his man crush Cole that today is the Miz's birthday. Miz explains to Cena that he is the captain of Team Raw and he will pick the best team regardless of personal feelings. To this end, he offers Cena a spot on the team. John thinks it is a good idea except for one thing; Cena should be captain of the team. As Miz begins to argue, The Nexus music hits.

Wade Barrett is out and he tells the men that he only cares about one thing, winning the title from Orton. He needs Cena's full attention in his corner that night so he can win the title. Cena says he can do both, but Barrett is having none of it and accuses Cena of disobeying him, which would get Cena fired. Riley jumps in and tells Cena he needs to listen to Barrett, but none of this matters because the Miz could cash in his Money in the Bank at Bragging Rights making this whole conversation irrelevant. The Miz, while not happy about the surprise being ruined, agrees with Riley.

We have an email from the GM. Cole gets up and I Quote: "Barrett, Cena may answer to you, but all of Raw answers to me. Tonight we will have a series of matches to determine Team Raw. In the main event, Cena will face Miz to see who will captain the team." Miz says he will beat Cena and then possibly cash in his Money in the Bank and there is nothing Barrett can do about it. Barrett knocks Miz down and goes for more. Riley jumps in and they beat down Barrett. Cena makes the save and Riley gets an Attitude Adjustment. Barrett is livid at Cena for the late save and he is reading him the riot act as we head to break.

Maryse and Ted are in the ring. We get a recap of the altercation with Goldust last week. R-Truth heads to the ring and the winner will represent Raw at Bragging Rights.

Match 1: R-Truth versus Ted DiBiase.
Truth does a spilt and turns it into a heel kick and gets a two. Huge clothesline by Ted and he begins to pummel Truth. Truth tries to fight back but receives a back breaker for his trouble. Ted runs for the turnbuckle and eats a boot, followed by a big slam. Face first suplex by Truth and he gets a 2. Huge spine buster by Ted and he gets a 2. Nice back and forth match with both competitors hitting some nice moves. DiBiase is looking for Dream Street and Goldusts' music hits. Ted is distracted and Truth rolls him up for 2. He then hits the Lie Detector and he pins DiBiase.

Your winner by pinfall is R-Truth. Not a bad match, but this Goldust angle is odd. I honestly don't get his push. We head to a commercial break.

Match 2: John Morrison versus Tyson Kidd.

Cole explains this was to be a triple threat match with D.H. Smith involved but Smith is nowhere to be found. Kidd avoids a big move by Morrison, hits a kick and he is in control. Morrison takes control and hits a great flying kick. Morrison goes for a move from the second rope and Kidd hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Kidd is going for Sharpshooter, he gets is, but Morrison kicks him out of the ring. We get a series of roll ups and each competitor gets some near falls. Morrison grabs Kidd and hits an awesome reverse neck slam. Great move and he gets the three count.

The winner is John Morrison. We are left to wonder about the whereabouts of D.H. Smith.

Nexus is in the back with Husky and McGillicutty. Otunga asks them about their status and what they were promised by Barrett. Barrett kicks the new guys out and he confronts Otunga about his comments to Cena last week. He asks for a volunteer for a match against Orton. Otunga initially is the pick but he instead nominates Gabriel and his 450 splash. It is done and Gabriel will face Orton with Slater and Otunga in his corner.

Match 3 is Santino versus Zak Ryder.

Ryder takes early control and he is just hammering Santino. Huge boot in the corner and Santino kicks out at 2. Zak misses the Rough Ryder and Santino strikes with the Cobra.

Santino is your winner and he will be on Team Raw. Tamina is in the ring and she tackles Santino and they give each other the Cobra. That was a terrible 5 minutes of Raw.

The Nexus is out for Gabriel's match against Orton. Randy comes out to a huge standing ovation.

Match 4 is Orton versus Justin Gabriel.

Orton begins the match on the offensive and knocks Gabriel out the ring. He follows and Otunga attempts to attack Orton but Randy saw that coming. The referee has excommunicated The Nexus from ringside. We return from break and Gabriel has control. It is short lived as Orton hits a wonderful drop kick and he is just wearing Gabriel out. He hits the clothes line on the bottom rope and we have a 2 count. Finally Gabriel has a little momentum and he hits a series of kicks and a nice splash over the ropes. Gabriel is hitting some nice kicks and he looks like he actually belongs in the match. Orton fights back and just levels Gabriel with a forearm. Gabriel is game tonight and he hits a Low Kick and locks in a reverse choke. Gabriel misses a kick and Orton hits the backbreaker. Huge clothes line by Orton and the vintage scoop slam have turned the tide of the match. Gabriel kicks Orton a few times, goes for the 450 and hits Orton in the back of head and ribs as Orton was rolling away. Orton is holding his shoulder as if it is hurt, but hits the RKO. It is all over.

Randy Orton is your winner in a fantastic match. Gabriel is a future star.

We return with a preview of Knuckleheads.

Match 5 is Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan.
As usual Cole is hating on Bryan and we get a review of the beating Sheamus laid on Bryan last week. Bryan rushes Sheamus and he immediately goes for a submission. Bryan goes for a dive on the outside and Sheamus catches him. He goes to throw Bryan into the ring post and it is reversed. Bryan continues his assault until Sheamus catches him with the Irish Curse back breaker. Sheamus is in full control and he is tosses Bryan all over the ring. Bryan stuns Sheamus with some kicks and a flying forearm. He may have just knocked him out, but the Irishmen kicks out at 2. Missile drop kick by Bryan he gets a 2. Sheamus kicks out a submission and he just destroyed Bryan with a hammer punch. Sheamus goes for the Razor's Edge, but Bryan reverses for a 2. Sheamus hits the huge boot and this one is over.

Sheamus is your winner is another good match.

Cena is in the back looked dejected and here comes R-Truth. He explains the locker room is not happy about John being with Nexus. He understands the dilemma John is in and he has a way out for Cena. He tells Cena he can just quit.

Match 6 is Evan Bourne versus CM Punk.

Cole explains the obvious as we learn the trade was Edge for CM Punk. A fairly warm reception for Punk from the crowd. Bourne is in control early, but Punk reverses a head scissors on the outside and tosses Bourne into the barrier. Punk is in the lead now and he has a headlock cinched in. Bourne with a nice spin kick and a jump kick to the head knocking Punk down. He is looking for Air Bourne, but Punk kicks him off the top rope. Punk hits the GTS and it is all over. Punk attacks Bourne and he is slamming him shoulder first into the barrier again and again. Bourne shoulder first into the ring post and Punk is just demolishing Bourne.

Your winner is CM Punk. A total squash win for Punk.

Natalya is out and she tells LayCool she is going to win at Bragging Rights. LayCool is out and Michelle and Layla tell the crowd they are hotter than Natalya. Layla is using a terrible accent and they compare Natayla to her dad, "The Anvil". Natalya calls them annoying and she is correct. This segment is awful. As LayCool leaves they are stopped by all the other Divas who begin beating the girls down. Michele saves Layla from the sharpshooter.

The Main event is Miz versus Cena in a no DQ match.

Cena begins with a nice arm drag and Miz leaves the ring. As Cena goes towards his he is ambushed by Alex Riley. Riley just levels Cena on the outside leaving him in heap. We return from break and Miz has Cena in the corner. Cena reverses with a shoulder block, but Miz immediately starts hammering Cena with rights and lefts. The Miz tosses John out of the ring violently and Riley continues the assault. Cena is propped up on the announce table and Miz goes for the skull Crushing Finale, Cena fights it off trying for the AA, but Miz dumps him to the floor. Cena fights back knocking Miz down and then going after Riley. The Miz takes advantage and rams Cena into the exposed barrier. In the ring, Cena mounts some offense with a shoulder block, side slam, and the 5 knuckle shuffle. He goes for the AA, Miz gets out and kicks Cena in the face. Cena goes for the STF but it is blocked and Miz hits a neck breaker. Miz has the briefcase, he swings, misses, and Cena is able to get the STF locked in. Miz gets the rope and Riley comes in, he misses Cena and Cena locks in the STF on Riley who taps. Cena again goes for the AA but Husky Harris and McGillucuddy come in and lay Cena out. Miz is able to get the 3 count.

The Miz wins and he is Captain of Team Raw.

Harris and McGillicuddy are still in the ring stalking Cena and they look to attack. Cena fights them off but is stopped by Barrett. A staredown ensues and we have an email. The GM says Harris and McGillicuddy will fight Cena and Orton next week on Raw. Barrett has a microphone and he wants to put his spin on the match and says in Cena loses, the new comers will become part of Nexus. Wade says he is sure next week John will do the right thing. Barrett says right now Cena wants to hit him, but he won't, not because of the GM, but because Cena is scared and spineless. He turns his back on John and continues to belittle Cena. John is having a tough time with this decision and he does nothing. Barrett calls him an utter disgrace. Cena leaves the ring.

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