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-- has revealed that their latest movie, Knucklehead starring The Big Show, will only run in theaters for two days. The WWE is advertising a "special limited engagement" of Saturday, October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th in select theaters. As of now, the list is five theaters long. The film is already set for Miami; the Dallas area; Bloomington, MN; Peoria, AZ and L.A. DVD here we come!

-- Friday's WWE SmackDown! did a 1.81 (1.8) cable rating with 2,613,000 viewers. That's up from last week's 1.7 cable rating and that show was LIVE.

-- Bryan Williams, who designed WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! 2011, spoke to about the game. He said the original plan for the game was to have a downloadable Nexus pack with Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Daniel Bryan. But Bryan was released and they replaced him with Justin Gabriel. When Daniel came back, it was too late to put him in the game.

-- The USA Network won't be airing WWE AM RAW on Sunday, December 26th. There's a movie marathon scheduled.

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