- A long lost interview with Luna Vachon, who recently passed away, has hit the Internet. In 2003, Luna spoke with Chris Yandek of CYInterview.com on his wrestling radio program at the time. The interview has been offline till this today. Luna is very candid about the fact that her parents didn't want her to be in the wrestling business saying, "From the time I was three years old I had told my parents I was gonna to be in the wrestling business and they tried to discourage me because it's so hard on woman's bodies. It takes a lot more toll than it does on men's bodies because we are made to reproduce. So they tried to discourage me. That's why when I broke into wrestling I didn't in the very beginning use the name Vachon because my family actually wasn't talking to me."

Ms. Vachon also reiterated on her WrestleMania 14 mixed tag match with Sable, better known as former Playboy centerfold Rena Mero. Luna said she was told that if Ms. Mero had a scratch on her, she'd end up being fired, "Sable has this preconception that she didn't have to learn how to take bumps. So she didn't know to protect herself in the ring, and it made it for an interesting match…. If there ever was anytime when a match that I was involved in to be called choreographed, it would have to be that match with Sable. Her not wanting even to learn how to take bumps and me getting the warning that if you scratch or bruise her you're gonna lose your job."

Finally, she tells a story about how one evening at a hotel during a stop for the WWE that fellow female superstars in Sable (Rena Mero) and Chyna (Joanie Laurer) were rude to fans and wouldn't sign any autographs. Luna decided to make it up to the disappointed fans, "The fans would be waiting in the lobby and I can remember one particular evening when I was checking in and all the little kids and stuff, it's real late at night after we had done a television taping. I can remember hearing somebody say, 'She's gonna be a b---h too.'

Just like Sable and Chyna were as they had checked in I presumed they meant. I spent about three hours in the lobby signing autographs after that because I felt like if the other two women that were part of this promotion had, had hard day days then it was my job to pick up the slack and make the women of our company look good like we care about the fans and signed some autographs. I just felt like that was important to do. It doesn't seem like at that time the WWF wasn't interested in their fans."

You can read and listen to the full interview below:

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