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On Bobby Lashley: I don't know just how committed Bobby Lashley is or isn't to his MMA career. Perhaps we can all ascertain that matter when we next see Bobby fight. There is no excuse to not be in tip top, cardio vascular condition and if one is injured then speak up and postpone one's fight. I personally like and respect Bobby but often times wonder what sort of leadership and direction that he is getting in his MMA career.

On Mid-Carders To Main Eventers: What mid card level wrestlers are best suited to be main eventers? I'm not prepared to answer that question specifically but many, more than one might imagine, individuals are potentially main event level talents. However, in order for that to happen they need 'quality, TV minutes' and an extended opportunity. Then when they receive such, then the individuals need to raise their game and covet each minute of time they are afforded. The process of elevating potential main eventers is basically a calculated risk more often than not.

On TV Pro Wrestling: TV pro wrestling, in general, needs to be produced in a more simple, straight forward fashion and is, arguably and in my personal opinion, over thought. Why many feel compelled to essentially change the core product is beyond my ability to comprehend. Like a great film or episodically produced, successful TV franchise, it is still, essentially, identifiable protagonist vs. clearly defined antagonist whose conflicts are built around personal issues.

On AJ Styles: Yes emailer...I think AJ Styles is a great in ring talent, perhaps even underutilized, but he is not better at this time than was HBK in Shawn's prime. That's not a knock on Styles even though some will take it as such. To even compare AJ to HBK should be looked upon as high praise. Some have even blasted me for having the 'audacity' to express this particular opinion.

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