-- The Hartford Courant had a front page story about drug issues in WWE and Linda McMahon's Senatorial campaign. In it the WWE's Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon says, "We have no talent now on steroids."

-- The latest Quinnipiac poll, taken before Tuesday's debate, showed Richard Blumenthal's lead over Linda up to 54-43%.

-- The New York Times today endorsed Blumenthal and said that he's apologized for his Vietnam falsity, but that McMahon is not ready to take on matters like the war, the economy and other major issues.

-- A Texas steroids-education group had a conference call on Wednesday blasting WWE for their track record.

-- J-Woww's segment on iMPACT! may air in a number of different spots. It was taped late in the show, however she was told it would air from 9-10 p.m. so that it wouldn't conflict with Jersey Shore. She Tweeted that everyone who watches iMPACT! for her should switch to Jersey Shore at 10.

-- The Miz on can be seen on Attack of the Show at g4tv.comattackoftheshow

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